Granbury/Pecan Plantation, TX 3/11/17 Match Results

March 15 2017 at 1:40 PM
Brazos  (Login Brazos2)

Pecan Plantation Airgun Association
March 11 Air Rifle Field Target Match
Granbury Texas

Below are the results from Saturday’s Field Target Match in Granbury Texas. The weather forecast threatened rain the Wednesday before. But the bad weather held off, and it turned out we had great conditions… Sunny, mild temps and hardly any wind.

Twenty three people shot the 52-shot match, two shots per lane over 13 lanes, including one lane kneeling and another standing.

High score for the match was Bob Dye’s 50/52, with Buddy Holland close behind at 49, both in Hunter PCP. Mike Vredenburg’s Open PCP rifle is down. No worries… so he shot his HW97 to win Open Piston with 43. Jeff Cloud was delighted to win WFTF Piston with a 42. David Carlile shot a great match to take Hunter Piston honors with a 38. And Ricky and Cody Brooks ran neck and neck in Fun Rifle.

Thanks to all for coming out. The attendance at all three DFW area clubs has been over 20 each match, so it looks like FT is growing well in North Texas. Weather permiting, our next match will be Saturday, May 13.

Hunter PCP:
1. Bob Dye 50/52, RAW TM1000, Viper 4-16x, AA 10.3
2. Buddy Holland 49/52, HW100, Viper 4-16x, JSB 10.3
3. Terry Vanpool 44/52, AA HFT 500, SWFA 3-15x, AA 13.4
4. Brad Vanpool 41/52, RAW TM1000, Falcon T50, AA 10.3
5. Don Carmack 38/52, Air Force Condor, Tasco 6-24x, JSB 13.73 (.20)
6. Kelsey Aslett 34/52, (her 1st match, using Bob’s TM1000, Viper 4-16x, AA 10.3)
7. Paul Walker 34/52, RAW TM1000, Viper 4-16x, AA 10.3
8. Vance Blalock 33/52, Marauder, UTG 4-16x, AA 10.3
9. Tyler Brooks 32/52, Marauder, UTG 4-16
10. Jim Leggett 26/52, Benjamin Marauder, UTG 4-16x, AA 10.3

Hunter Piston:
1. David Carlile 38/52, HW97, UTG 4-16x, H&N FTT 8.6
2. Jim Clarke 35/52, AA Pro Sport, Hawk 3-12x, JSB 8.44
3. Jack Judd 33/52, HW97K, UTG 4-12x, H&N 8.64
4. Bob Pacatte 28/52, TX200, UTG 8-32x, AA 8.44
5. Phil Walter 20/52, RWS34, UTG 3-12x

WFTF Piston
1. Jeff Cloud 42/52, Hawke 10x 50, H&N FTT 8.6
2. Matt Sawyer 38/52, Diana M54, Sightron FT 10-50x, AA 7.82
3. Cliff Montgomery 30/52, HW97, UTG 8-32x, H&N FTT 8.6
4. Mark Perdue 12/52, HW97, UTG 8-32x 50, JSB 8.44

Open Piston
1. Mike Vredenburg 43/52, HW97, Bushnell Elite 8-32x, JSB 8.44
2. Craig Martin 30/52, TX200, Sightron 10-50x, AA 8.44

Fun Rifle (1x2 Scoring)
1. Ricky Brooks 57/102
2. Cody Brooks 55/104

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