March 20 2017 at 1:34 AM
Scott C  (Login scotton)

Response to Your opinion would be appreciated .....................

If you want to "level the playing field" against WFTF and Open shooters, 2,3,4,7 and don't allow sticks or buckets.
If you want to level the playing field against hunter shooters, 9.
If you want to level the playing field against me, go with 5 and I might shoot hunter again.
If you want to level the playing field against everyone, have your club buy a bunch of Marauders and make everyone shoot club guns at matches. Or we can all draw numbers before we shoot and figure out who the winner is.

I think you are confusing a "level playing field" with parity. A level playing field means that everyone has the same opportunity to compete within the division or class they are shooting in. So if we were boxing, the light guys wouldn't have to fight heavy guys, everyone would fight in the same weight class. That's what we have now. People that want to test the limits of precision of their equipment can shoot Open class. People that want to test their ability to dope the wind and hold a gun steady with minimal support can shoot WFTF. People that may not be able to sit on the ground or don't want to invest in a high powered scope or want to simulate what someone considers to be hunting equipment can shoot Hunter.

Instead of levelling the playing field, why don't we institute a handicap system. After 5 matches, you are assigned a handicap based on your score compared to the match high score modified by the Troyer rating of the course. Then we could have the class winners and the High Handicap winner. Of course, we will run into the situation where a mediocre shooter has a good day and beats a bunch of better shooters. But that's how parity works.

Seems like a lot of effort since the only match I know of that awards HOA is the Nationals. And the funny thing about the 2016 Nationals, the HOA shooter was in WFTF in both PCP and Piston. Same with the Grand Prix winners. Why did shooters that could shoot at 20 FPE wearing stabilizing harnesses get beaten by shooters using lower powered guns without harnesses? The same reason that Tiger Woods could beat me at golf with a set of rented womens clubs, with no driver and a baseball bat for a putter. You can give everyone the same arrows, but the best Indians are still going to win.

So I guess you need to add "Turn power down to 12 FPE" to your list if you want Hunter class to have a level playing field against WFTF. One is playing baseball and one is playing cricket, but at least their fields would be level.

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