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Don, here is what I do and why...

April 3 2017 at 7:42 AM

Boomer  (Login Boomer75)

Response to Some info on scope height please. I have heard that in Field target

When your scope is set "too low" you will have "negative" clicks around your zero zone. What that means is your zero will not be on zero on your scope, it will be -3 to -10 clicks backward behind the zero mark. The only way to assure you only have clicks in a single direction is to get the scope up higher. Like the others already mentioned, based on how high you go and where you set your zero, you will have a ton more clicks for 10 yards than you will for 55 yards.

Here is why this works for me.

I use a Sightron 10-50x60 scope. My scope is 3.1" above my center bore line. I am zero'd at 30 yards using JSB 7.87's at 815 fps. My scope is marked with 8 clicks per MOA with 11 MOA per revolution.

AT 10 yards I have 103 clicks(14.5 moa on my scope).
At 55 yards I have 22 clicks.(2.5 moa on my scope)

The reason I do this is because it is very easy to range the near targets with an extreme amount of accuracy with these types of scopes at 50x. So having to click 103 times for 10 yards is no big deal as long as you know your numbers are on very well.

I can make a ranging error in the 50-55 yard range by 2-4 clicks and still hit the center of the KZ. Example.... If the target is out at 52 yards and I range it at 50 yards, the difference between my 52 and 50 yard numbers is 5 clicks so it is still VERY likely that I will hit the 1.5" KZ. ON the other side of that if the target is at 52 and I range it at 54 yards, the difference in clicks is only 3 clicks so I am still VERY likely to hit the 1.5" KZ on that shot as well.

so basically I worked in the natural human error in the most likely range zone(beyond 40 yards) with as little clicks a possible to account for any ranging errors I can run into in the longer targets. The more you are shooting out of the center of the adjustment range on the scope, the more likely you are to avoid any weird errors so I set my scope up where it is exactly in the center of the click range up and down. It is perfectly on the zero on the factory scope marks because I had Pete Matos build me a custom scope rail for my Steyr to my exact specs to allow the scope to sit perfectly at zero.

Hope this helps,
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