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Ronnie, my response was an observation and not a personal attack....

April 7 2017 at 11:40 PM

Mark Kauffman  (Login

Response to funny you say that Mark

You stated;

"the object of the game is to win the match. not show everyone else how to."

That was the only comment that I took exception to. The wording may have been inadvertent, but it came across probably a lot different than you had intended. You followed that up with;

"helping shooters is all i do"

I think the second statement is what you originally intended to convey, at least I would hope so.

You host matches and post match reports regularly and are trying to grow your own club. That is admirable. We are all trying to convey the positive aspects of shooting Field Target in a gentlemanly fashion, attempting to entice new shooters into the growing ranks of the participants, and to teach them how to do it. Most of us have a lot more experience in the shooting sports, but the newbies may have limited exposure to that. My previous comments were directed toward them to let them know that the majority of those shooting this game are more than willing to assist them in learning, lending equipment, sharing their knowledge, and making them feel accepted.

At one point in time, I used to list the full names of the shooters, but in the recent past that has been shortened to just first name and last initial. That was for the privacy issue that you correctly stated.

I can only respond to your comment on match fees by saying that not all clubs are blessed with an established "home" club with property. As such, we (and I am only talking about Airgunners of Arizona) need to pay lease fees for the venues that we hold our matches. Ben Avery range charges the club $6 per day per shooter. On top of that, we need to secure liability insurance ($1M / $2M Aggregate) that costs the club $1200 annually. We would prefer not to have to charge anything, but some things cannot be helped.

Your response seemed to indicate that maybe you thought this to be a personal criticism against you. Not the case. I only wanted to disagree with your quote, listed above, and to clarify my reasons for disagreeing with it. In light of that, I can only hope that you see that portraying our sport in a positive mode is what is most important in our attempt to continue to draw new shooters to our ranks.

Best regards,

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