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Good FT gun, great value...

April 16 2017 at 12:09 AM
John Whitfield  (Login JD400)

Response to LG 300 Hunter Value / Impressions

The Walthers are good guns. I have first hand experience with them. The LG300 Dominator Hunter 17 ftlb, LG300 Dominator 15ftlb and 12ftlb versions. Very fast thus forgiving, with regard to firing cycle, short stroke hammers. The XT versions with the absorber seem too busy for my taste while shooting, I prefer the sharper feel and to me it is indeed sharper. Parts are available for replacement or spares for all LG300 models direct from Walther as I have spares to rebuild my 1 remaining LG300 2 times over incuding spare regs tubes and a barrel. I've found the LG300s that I have owned were great guns all I might add pre owned with thousands of rounds through them. There may be one area where the platform through design renders a safety type hot zone. The pin that links the bolt to cocking lever linkage can be and should be considered a wear item. A failure in that area can send the bolt out the back of the block toward the operators face. I have experienced the pin break although it was only on the the "Hunter" version when shooting 17 ftlbs, reg set at 100 bar, 17ftlbs no longer available. The bolt barely moved when the pin broke. I have spare pins and have recently rebuilt the action . Alternatively the high powered versions of the LG300s became 15ftlb guns, as the 12meter designs were not really intended to run pressures for "20 ftlb". If I'm remembering correctly more than 80 shots from a 4300 psi fill long steel tube at 17 ftlbs jsb 10.3 .I have a Jr tube, the short aluminum as well and it will shoot sight in and a 60 shot match. I currently run a LG300 Dominator at 12 ftlbs jsb 8.4 @ 790 aluminum stock 15" barrel with the long steel tube, trigger is Walther 10 meter gun good. I like it lite, Walts trigger scale says .25 oz and has feel. And yes all the triggers are the same , some parts are different on the XT/carbontec type platforms due to the absorber system, but they do not have the feel of the non absorber types. Last of all they are not quiet guns at all, not even close , they are raw target shooting instruments that are not quiet. I am really attached to mine. I've won matches with it and them....

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