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April ATL match recap

April 20 2017 at 1:11 PM
Ken Hughes  (Login Kennjr)

April 2017 Match Recap

On Saturday nine of us enjoyed a nice spring day with friends shooting our April FT match.

Both Robert Crocker and Mark Wulfkotte made the long drive from NC and SC respectively to attend. We are lucky to have such dedicated club members. Having the opportunity to shoot with and spend time with good people is the best thing about our game of field target. It's been the one thing that has keep me coming to FT matches for over 25 years.

Ron Brown was still on cloud nine after his break out big win in Baton Rouge at the Cajun Spring Classic earlier this month. Congratulations Ron!!!Ron won the WFTF class followed closely by Doug Vinson and Ken Hughes. AA club shot well taking the top three spots in WFTF class.

Rob Seiden and Ron spent the day locked in the heat of competition trying to out shoot each other with Rob besting Ron on the standing lane which was their last lane. It was fun listening to them, well mostly Rob, banter back and forth during the match.

We have a club member who's been out of airguns for years who has finally come back to it, welcome back Robin Norris! It's great to have you back. Robin shot with Andy Burns, they had a good time out on the course.
John Whitfield joined us a little late and spent the day testing pellets on the sight in range.

The sunny spring weather couldn't have been nicer, temperatures were perfect (65-80), the breezes felt good and kept everyone guessing how much to hold off.

The course was shortened this month to 46 shots so we could take down the targets and spools to get them ready for the upcoming Southern Open match in Heflin next month.

The results are as follows: 46 shot course

Unlimited class:
Mark Wulfkotte. FX Bobcat. Sightron 10-50x. JSB 10.3. 42

Hunter class:
Andy Burns. TM1000. Sightron 10-50x. JSB 10.3. 25

Open class:
Robbin Norris. AA S510. Hawke 8-32x. CP 10.5. 3
Robert Crocker. Protarget. S&B 10-50x JSB 10.3. 30

WFTF class:
Ken Hughes Steyr LG110 Leupold 35x. AA 8.4 46
Rob Seiden. Steyr LG110. Vortex 10-50x. AA 8.4. 44
Ron Brown. Steyr LG 110. Sightron 10-50. AA 8.4. 42
Doug Vinson. Ripley AR5s. March 8-80x. AA 8.4s. 39

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