Field Target worthy regulated ten-meter PCP pistol for sale

May 4 2017 at 1:58 PM
Ron Robinson  (Login compressive)

With the power-adjusting screw maxed-out, this lovely Tau MK 08 regulated PCP pistol is getting over 600 FPS with 8.4 grain JSB’s. Near-telepathic ten-meter trigger action breaks like glass at 15 ounces. SIDE-LEVER loading allows as low scope mounting as you wanna go; in my opinion a big advantage for the close-range TINY kill-zones in pistol field target. This pistol is easily scoped with non-marring alloy mounts that simply clamp to the barrel; no gun-smithing required! So scoped, she AVERAGES .40” center-to-center five-shot groups at 35 yards (the maximum pistol FT range).

This pistol is in like-new condition with factory hard case, (Foster QR) fill adapter, owners manual, and an extra chamber-tube that leaks UNTIL attached. This pistol was professionally resealed in early 2017.

Excepts from my testing notes on this Tau MK 08-

8.4gr JSB Exact, 3000 PSI fill, 64 shot power-band- Low= 596, High= 617, E.S.=21, S.D.= 4, Average= 608 FPS/7.0 FP
This MK 08 was apparently new old stock (NOS) that sprung a leak within 20 shots of my receiving it. Professionally re-sealed in early 2017.
Five consecutive five-shot groups at 35 yards averaged .40” c-t-c with 8.4 grain JSBs

[linked image]



Scoped Tau MK 08

$700 for the outfit (withOUT scope and mounts) includes insured CONUS shipping and Paypal fees. Feel free to call (254-253-1239) or e-mail (manicompressive at yahoo dot com) for more information.

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On line trajectory calc by Brad Troyer MILDOTS


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