Field Target Event June 4th in conjunction with Midwest Airgun Show June 3rd.

May 8 2017 at 10:43 AM
Chad  (Login BuckeyeAirgunner)

The show is all but sold out., with only a few 6' tables left!

The Midwest Airgun Show in Columbus, Ohio is quickly approaching. With less than a month before the big show there’s still time to book your hotel rooms, but not much! We just received an email from Holiday Inn Express & Suites Grove City stating they have blocks of rooms reserved for the event. To make reservations call (614) 801-9000 and use code MWA.

We recently received word that Daisy and Gamo will also be at the show in addition to previously mentioned Pyramyd Air, Airguns of Arizona (with their van), Baker Airguns, Annihilator Airguns and Tuning, Extreme Big Bore, Mr. Hollow Point and more.

Just in case some of you might need another reason to come to Columbus for the airgun show June 3rd and FT match on the 4th...

Dick Otten (Rhino Targets) has cleared his schedule and will now be attending the show. In his email to me this morning, he stated that he will have 3 tables worth of targets to sell!

Aladdin Shrine Center
1801 Gateway Circle
Columbus, Oh 43123

Event Schedule:

Saturda June 3rd:
Show Hours: 9-4
Range/Demo Hours: 1-5

Sunday June 4th:
Field Target Event:
Gate Opens at 8 am
Event Starts at 9:30 am

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