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Well James, sometimes its good to look at issues from a different perspective!

May 10 2017 at 3:52 PM
LD  (Login lhd)

Response to Geez guys lighten up ...

There is often more to be learned by carefully paying attention during "heated discussions" than most polite discourse about similar topics, since there is more reservedness in the latter which often hides factual and even useful information.

With respect to "Bracketing" and mildot reticles:

The first example of bracketing I saw in FT was shown me by a Brit shooter I was squadded with back on the 90's using (wait for it) a 3-9X scope. Yep, the standard "duplex" reticle turned out to be fairly useful IF you know how to use it! I don't have the exact brand that guy used now, but I recently tested a popular 3-9X hunting scope with a normal looking duplex and for SURE it can range quite well at airgun distances by just playing with the mag setting and observing features of the duplex reticle.

See, the duplex spanned around 22 inches at 100yds at 4X, and perhaps 11" at 9X, but that was the total distance from the top to bottom of the "thin wires" of the reticle, so halving that gave another distance to use.

Back in those days, we commonly used 50yards as a max distance, and the duplex reticle could closely bracket a full-sized KZ at fifty yards using the bottom half of the thin part at 9x, and again at just 10yds using the top AND bottom thin part at 25yds using 4X. Thirty yards at 5X spanned the bottom of the thin line, and so forth. In this way one could, and many have used this sort of simple reticle to help judge distances for a long time. The method can STILL be used by a guy with an airgun that can't or wont shell out for the high zoot glass for awhile, so I fail to abide by folks denigrating others that don't use what THEY feel is NEEDED.

In several decades of FT shooting, I only "clicked" elevation for a couple years and I didn't really like it. I used holdover well before "mildot scopes" were available, and did ok. I used a bit of bracketing technique sometimes, but found I could usually get by without it ... but I don't say its BAD in itself, I just think it tends to encourage prone shooting because one can hold the scope more steadily while bracketing, and I abhor prone shooting for FT use.

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