Match Report for NorCal Air Gunners

May 15 2017 at 12:00 PM
Ronnie Easton Match Director in Sacramento  (Login Thumpman1)

Saturday morning dawned and gazing out the window had strong indicators of a real windy day. with tree limbs moving proceeded to the range to set up and to try out our new targets. Dave C. made us and donated 4 Rhino style targets he made this year, combined with the other very generous donations the club received, we ordered another 10 Rhino targets directly from Dick Otten. all targets arrived safe and sound last week, and we used a 4 fpe pistol to confirm that Dick had set them right and that nothing moved out of adjustment while in transport. basically we replaced most of the targets in side 35 yards.

the course was set to a 30T with 13 lanes and 56 shots, but we moved a few target in a bit as we were getting a 45-90 degree deflection at wind speed of up to 15 and 20 MPH. so around a 28T course would be a conservative guess plus the wind facor made it well above 32T. steady wind would be around 5-7 MPH made for some challenging conditions at Cordova Shooting Center. we shoot on the trap lanes so the grass is nice and green and the taller grass beyond our targets can be used to get some sort of read on the wind. all shooters performed incredibly well, and there were no target malfunctions or protests by anyone.

Hats off to Scott Stk for High match Hunter PCP score for 1st place nudging out Jack C by only one point!! close race gents!!

in Piston Land Charlie L, who has dominated piston lately, got ousted by Mark W shooting WFTF piston. Mark is an experienced Hunter Piston shooter but has taken up WFTF and is doing well for his first few matches.

in Open PCP class Dana W. showed up with his prized Thomas gun and really like the course and targets. he placed second and nearly creamed Ronnie E but had a few land out side the KZ toward the end. nice game Dana!

after the match we had cold turkey sandwiches with cheese, tomatoes and onions and hand picked cherries with soda and water to drink.

thank you all for attending

sorry no picture this time.

WFTF Piston
Mark W. ----------------39/56

Hunter Piston
charlie L---------------30

Hunter PCP

Scott S-----------------45/56
Jack C------------------44
Mike C------------------42
Cameron K---------------40
Rob R-------------------32

Open PCP

Ronnie E----------------49/56
Dana W------------------47

Ronnie E

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