I shoot Open and I don't care !!! But Bob, what I don't care about is what

May 16 2017 at 11:23 AM

Paul Porch  (Login paulporch)

Response to Can Open and WFTF shooters understand the 12x Hunter problem?

Magnifications hunter class uses for the power of their scopes!!! I see no valid reason why hunter class could not use and range at higher power.

That is one class.... It does not affect open, or WFTF, as we have our set of parameters in the rules for our classes.

The only time I see where a complaint would be voiced, is where there is an overall high score award... Then the hunters have the disadvantage as the rules are writteb now.

The same could be said of open and WFTF of the hunters using steady support (bipod's) and seating, that could give an advantage in an overall score

Really, if there was no high match score for an event, then no class would have a leg to stand on saying one class had it over another. So I say go ahead and let the hunters use whatever power that want and can afford in a scope.

I have been hunting all game animals for many, many years and do quite well each season. I use whatever advantage I can to bag game. However I follow the rules when it comes to bow season, black powder season ,and rifle. Along with the restrictions it carries. For instance in PA we could only use real primitive black powder. That ment no inlines, no minis, no sabots...etc. just Flint lock and ball ammo with patches.

So let's get the controversy over and have the BOG vote on the scope power issue for hunters at the 2017 Nats.....

Also perhaps some clubs could try it out at their local matches to gauge the results.

See you Friday at the Southern Open....looking forward to the pistol match....

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