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May 16 2017 at 11:45 AM

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Response to Can Open and WFTF shooters understand the 12x Hunter problem?

I DO care even though I shoot WFTF ...

To me at least I thought Hunter division in the USA is all about an 'entrance' into the sport of FT .... for beginners / shooters , using a basic FT rig and a simple low powered scope to get there feet wet ....

So would adding a 16x power scope in Hunter make it more fair ??? FAIRNESS is not part of the equation , if never has been and it never will.

so unless our equipment is 'standardized' Somebody will always have a more accurate rig or a better quality scope which ranges more accurately ....

I hazard a guess that 70% of USA FT shooters are either retired or 'Seniors' ....

so for that reason alone YES it (Hunter) serves as an important division for the physically impaired who need (or prefer) a bucket and bipod to shoot and for that reason alone I think that it is an important division and one that we should keep.

But if you add higher powered scopes to the Hunter division then I wager we'll see courses being cleaned on a more regular basis.

Is that bad .. no of course not .. but only if the objective is to make it much easier to shoot more accurately at longer distances

then by all means let's allow it and let's not forget the participation awards for everybody who shows up .... wink.gif

If we continue to try to reinvent the 'wheel' by changing the rules and adding classes and equipment, we further dilute the sport ... which I believe hurts us in the long run.

after further digesting what you said...... I still feel that what's best for US Field Target is to focus the game to International rules WFTF and HFT to properly grow the game.

The sport is hugely popular over there with young and old throughout Europe with thousands of active participants.

But why is it so popular elsewhere ? ... what are they all doing that we aren't ?

And it's not because they can only shoot 12ft lbs. That's just an ignorant statement make.

Take a peek over at the shooting the breeze forum and you'll see what's going on in the sport of FT


But the USA still maintains that more power is what's best for the sport, and more stability to make it easier for all etc etc ....

In retrospect I think the 20ft lb rule and allowing straps and harness' has actually hindered the development of the sport over the past 20 years.

Thankfully us WFTF shooters can still shoot our desired game .. so on a personal note I am content .... but I don't see our sport growing like it should or could.

If we want the sport to grow in this country we need to follow the lead of countries that are actively growing the sport and do what they do ...follow there example etc

this isn't rocket science.

I have shot EVERY class / division in Field Target in the USA and have enjoyed all of them for different reasons. IMOP By far the easiest class to shoot is Hunter even with the limitations of a 12 power scope.

Although now I guess the UNLIMITED class would earn that title of 'easiest class' to shoot.

By far the hardest class to shoot is WFTF Spring piston. Which is where I am now. And whilst I enjoy competition I prefer the challenge of improving my shooting in a more difficult class .

So to conclude I say leave Hunter alone and keep it 'at least' a little bit harder than the Unlimited class .. LOL

Anyway I'll get off my soap box now .... just my .2c worth .... no disrespect meant to anyone !

Just shoot what you got and have fun at the end of the day.

I need to go figure out my dope sheet for the Temecula winds ...

Continued safe shooting to all.

James B

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