But why is it so popular elsewhere ? ... what are they all doing that we aren't ?

May 16 2017 at 1:39 PM

dan_house  (Login dan_house)

Response to Well written .. but

ITs not what THEY are doing, that we arent....

It the fact that this is 'Murica, and we have VERY relaxed gun laws compared to most of the world. In other parts of the world if you want to enjoy the shooting sports, you have to either jump thru the hoops to get a license, or shoot airguns.

In Montana, I can have a concealed carry permit, a suppressor, a full auto weapon...... We have at least 3 1000 yard ranges with 5 hours drive, one 1Mile range that Im aware of, tens of thousands of acres to shoot and hunt on.... and there is a series of long range (300+ yards) shooting competitions that gets on TV occasionally.

SO the real issue is how to get folks to put down their shoulder cannons (or the mall ninjas to put down their AR-15s) and pick up a bb gun to shoot targets 55 yards or less away....... Quote:"Why you want to shoot those bb guns boy, get a real weapon." Around here, shooting airguns is somehow "unmanly"...... happy.gif

And it doesnt help a bit that at most any gun show here I can get decent used Ruger 10/22 for what it cost to get a 2260/qb78/Disco built up for FT....

American shooting sports has a mind set of "more power", and thats the real reason THEY have grown the sport so well over there. IF/when American gun laws become as restrictive as other parts of the world, then you'll see an increase in air gunning becoming more mainstream.

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