Bob, I agree with your first statement.

May 16 2017 at 3:57 PM
Scott Hull  (Login Scotchmo1957)

Response to Can Open and WFTF shooters understand the 12x Hunter problem?

"The absence of scope restrictions in the rules for Open Division and WFTF Division, means that scope use has evolved into a focus range-finding game in those divisions...."

and also

"...Instead, Hunter scope use has evolved into a combination of scope techniques...." (as it should!)

From Wikipedia:
"The main skill in HFT is the ability to range the target as accurately as possible. Ranging is either done using the traditional method of "visualising" the number of yards separating you from the target or, more scientifically by using a telescopic sight fitted with a "mil-dot" reticule but also a 30/30 reticle. There is no dialing in for range finding, this is the domain of the normal Field Target discipline...."

AAFTA "Hunter" Division is the only "Hunter" field target in the world where focus range finding is an accepted/primary ranging method.

That fact that you are currently using a 4-16x scope makes your suggestion for a 16x limit somewhat suspect as self-serving. For many of us that are currently using 3-12x scopes in Hunter, a magnification increase would put our 12x scopes at a disadvantage when competing with 16x shooters. Many of us would then need to spend more to stay competitive. If we are going to go for an upgraded equipment allowance in Hunter, I'd rather see laser range finders. I already have one of those. And a basic LRF cost even less than the 16x Walmart scope.

You made a few good points, but I don't necessarily agree with your proposed solutions.

Those that visualize the number of yards will have an an advantage over those that don't even try. A solution that I would favor would be to encourage bracketing for new Hunter shooters. The recent discussion about standard target signage is pertinent to that solution. We don't need to make any equipment rule changes, no one needs to buy another scope.

Bracketing/visualizing/optical-comparative really means stadiametric range finding, or the stadia method. Sounds complicated but it is not. It is THE primary non-electronic method used in target range finding and long range surveying.

Some match directors actually like to hamper bracketing by purposely hiding useful features on or near the target. Those match directors might at the same time, try to enhance focus range finding by painting details on a target to make it easier to focus on. I have my own suspicions on why they would want to hinder one group and help another. I, and a few other match directors, don't think favoritism should be applied to a course serving all divisions.

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