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May 16 2017 at 4:57 PM
Tim MacSweyn  (Login CanadianFT)

Response to I care, a lot

Some are familiar with the Canadian Hunter Division rules. There are differences, but that is not what I am interested in.

A couple of years back, we had a meeting at our annual, hunter only match. Most of the active hunter FT guys were in attendance. We reviewed the rules and fielded all question and listened to all proposals. In the end, a few rule modification resulted, based on suggestions made by the hunter guys.

First, they wanted all match type clothing, like shooting jackets and shooting gloves out of Hunter. Second, they did not want to allow any clicking for elevation. Third, they wanted to continue to have the distances covered on the objective lens or side-wheel. We do allow 16X power scope as we have all along.

So the guys wanted to use mil-dots for aiming and eyeballing for range-finding. A few US shooters that shoot over here use bracketing, but I do not know of a Canadian shooter that does. The hunters of the gang wanted things the way they are when they hunt; they have no time to range-find or click. A quick focus to see the target and then squeeze off the shot based on your range estimation. Most take their six shots on a lane in about three to four minutes, some faster. We have not changed the timing due to the problems it may lead to on a mixed division course.

Seems we have minimized what the equipment does and put more stress on a shooting skill like range estimation by eye.

As an aside, we never have an overall match winner. Each of the three divisions are separate and equal with respect to awards.

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  • eyeballing - Scott Hull on May 16, 2017, 5:56 PM


On line trajectory calc by Brad Troyer MILDOTS


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