Shoulder problems.

May 17 2017 at 11:54 PM
Scott Hull  (Login Scotchmo1957)

I've had on and off shoulder issues the last few years. Fairly minor, but each year, it takes less and less to aggravate it. I switched to left hand computer mousing a couple years ago to reduce my right arm usage. Some on-going home remodeling/maintenance/repairs gets part of my shoulders quota of use, and shooting gets what remains. I mostly shoot side lever piston guns, which has not helped things. I sold My Diana 54 early last year as it was too much for my shoulder and I would rather shoot more than less. Out of sight, out of mind - well almost. I really liked that gun. I switched to my easy cocking 12fpe piston gun. It's been better for my shoulder, but just the repetitive motion is starting to cause problems. I've also used break barrels and under-levers with left arm cocking. That saves my right shoulder but I've never really taken to those guns for FT.

I made a conscious decision a few days ago to switch mostly to PCP, and maybe shoot piston just once in a while. I've got a good shooting 12fpe Marauder pistol/carbine, and a good 19fpe Marauder rifle. I already shoot the pistol quite a bit, so it's ready for carbine duty at this weekends Temecula WFTF match. I plan on shooting PCP at the upcoming Nevada and Oregon GP matches. I have not decided what I'll do at the Nationals yet.

I hope my fellow piston competitors (Jeff C, James B, Larry P, etc...) get this message.

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