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Elbow/Ulnar Nerve

May 19 2017 at 10:24 AM
Mark  (Login TwiceHorn)

Response to Shoulder problems.

About 10 years ago, I was folded into an economy seat on a 14 hour flight to Seoul. This caused the pinky and third finger of my right hand to go numb and I could not find a position that relieved the pressure on my elbow.

Ever since then, I have had periodic bouts of ulnar nerve (funny bone nerve) sensitivity. Its like funny bone pain, but sharper and sustained and the slightest touch can set it off.

I had a flare up in the middle of a match where I couldn't put the inside or point of my elbow on my knee and cut short the match and my WFTF "career."

Turns out, keeping the elbow bent more than 90 degrees and having your arm straight are the two positions that aggravate this condition and I had carried my rifle in caddy (15 lbs or so) from the parking lot to the range that day, which caused the flareup.

So Bob D had been pushing me toward Hunter class as a newb and this sealed it as it seems easier to keep the point and inside of my elbow off my knee shooting from sticks. I'm sure I could modify my sitting position similarly, but for now Hunter is working. I also have to remember not to carry my rifle/caddy in my right hand, which seems to be sure to set it off.

If anyone else has these problems, there are "flossing" or "gliding" exercises you can find online that apparently help keep the nerve in its proper place. They seem to help. Also, a warning, if you have this condition and it results in frequent numbness or tingling of the last two fingers on your hand, seek medical attention as this can cause atrophy of the muscles of the hand. Thankfully, I do not.

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