Connecticut Air Gunners Match Report 2017 June 3 - Floater Included

June 5 2017 at 3:56 PM

Leo G in CT  (Login gonzav71)

Connecticut Air Gunners Match Report – 2017 June 4  
Location: 80 North St, Lebanon, CT 06249 (GPS 41.614582, -72.255081)  
Match Site: Long and narrow flat open field with a pond on one side and trees on the other. Open corn field beyond the trees and marshy swamp land beyond the pond.   
Temperature: 68 degrees Fahrenheit – Sunny in the morning then turned cloudy. 
Wind: calm 1-3 MPH at the start picking up to 12-18 MPH shifting directions.  
Number of Targets: 30 (60 points maximum)   
Average Distance: 37.48 yards (15 targets over 40 yards)   
Average Kill Zone: 1.43” (Mix of 15mm, 1, 1 ½” & 40mm kill zones)   
Course Difficulty: 29.5T (35.93T with Wind)   
Bonus Target: three shots at 2 1/16” paddle at 75 yards and three shots at a floating target at 45 yards (6 points max)  
Match Times: Setup 6:30-9:00 AM, Practice 9:00–10:15 AM, Match 10:20 AM-2:30 PM, Course Takedown 2:30 PM-3:30 PM   
31/60 Tom Holland – Benjamin Marauder – H&N Sniper Lights 7.5 grains - 840 fps – 11.8 FPE – Sightron SIII 10-50x60 
29/60 Brian Van Liew – Hammerli AR20FT – AADF 8.4 grains – 760 fps – 10.77 FPE - Sightron SIII 10-50x60 
26/60 John Eroh - Air Arms EV2 – AADF 8.4 grains – 780 fps – 11.35 FPE - Sightron SIII 10-50x60 FT MH   
(DNC) 39/60 Leo Gonzales – Hammerli AR20FT – AADF 8.4 grains – 775 fps – 11.2 FPE 
PCP Open   
51/60 Brian Van Liew - FX400 FT – AADFH 10.3 grains – 875 fps – 17.5 FPE – Nikko Diamond 10-50x60 (Match High Score)   
PCP Unlimited  
22/60 Hans Apelles – Crosman 1720T – AADF 8.4 grains – 760 fps – 10.77 FPE - Leupold Competition 35x45  
12/60 Rosalie Paulsen -  Crosman 1720T – AADF 8.4 grains – 760 fps – 10.77 FPE – Mueller 8-32x44 
Piston WFTF  
44/60 Matt Brackett – Air Arms TX200 – AADF 8.4 grains – 770 fps – 11.05 FPE – Sightron SIII 10-50x60 FT 
42/60 Ray Apelles – Custom D54 Bull Pp – AADF 8.4 grains – 780 fps – 11.35 FPE – March FX 5-40 
19/60 David Bingham – Air Arms TX200 – JSB Exacts 8.44 grains – Leupold Competition 35x45  
(DNC) 39/60 Leo Gonzales - Walther LGU – AADF 8.4 grains – 780 fps – 11.35 FPE - Sightron SIII 10-50x60 FT MOA 
Piston Hunter   
21/60 Jeffrey Buckridge – Walther LGU – JSB Exact 8.44 grains – Hawke Sidewinder 8-32x56  
Bonus Floating & 75 Yard Target Results:  
Name (45 yard floater hits, 75 yard hits) Class 
Ray Apelles (2/3, 1/3) Piston WFTF 
Tom Holland (3/3, 0/3) PCP WFTF 
Brian Van Liew (1/3, 1/3) PCP Open 
Jeffrey Buckridge (1/3, 1/3) Piston Hunter 
Hans Apelles (2/3, 0/3) PCP Unlimited 
Leo Gonzales (2/3, 0/3) PCP WFTF 
Brian Van Liew (0/3, 1/3) PCP WFTF 
Leo Gonzales (0/3, 1/3) Piston WFTF 
John Eroh (1/3,0/3) PCP WFTF 
Matt Brackett (1/3, 0/3) Piston WFTF 
The owner bought a portable toilet for the property but located it at the target end of the property. 
Fortunately, no one needed to use the facility during the match. If someone had to go, then a cold line would have been called to allow access to and from the toilet. I have spoken with owner and will hopefully relocate the porta-potty somewhere behind the shooting line. 
John helped set up the course again and he built and installed a floating target on the bonus lane. Jeff also helped setting up the course. A big thanks to both. 
The wind was calm almost non-existent for practice.  Then the wind pickup as forecasted to 12-18 mph wind shifted around at different directions from the North-South to West-East. Leaves and small branches of trees swayed as the wind blew. Typical hold was either side of the kill zone and sometimes ½"-3" outside the kill zone. The first two lanes shot during the match had least amount of wind. 
The weather was in the mid upper 60s. It was comfortable weather with partly sunny skies and it got cooler as the wind blew and clouds appeared. 
For the bonus targets (side match), John Eroh made a floating target base using an extendable roof rake  staked at one end, wood base with rigid insulation underneath it. Two guidelines were used to stabilize the floating target to the shoreline. We are happy to report that we will be using this floating target system for future matches. The target was very stable and very visible. Resetting the target was not a problem. If you miss the faceplate, you will make a nice splash on water. I also placed the Paul Porch 2" round paddle only target at 75 yards.  
We did have two cold lines for the swivel ends of the pull string getting shot off the targets. It is good to report that there were no target malfunctions or rattle downs.

Brian was match high shooting in the wind bucking open class.
Matt shot an impressive high score for WFTF class combined.
We had one spectator Tony (“tonyl” of Airgunnation). Since Tony had back surgery, he watched a little for a few lanes and left for home early. Hope to have him shoot his Marauder rifle on our future matches. 
Dave Bingham was able to join us for one match in CT. He will be missed as he is moving down to North Carolina on Thursday June 8th. I am sure that his name will appear on future match reports down in NC. 
Thank you very much again to all who attended and helped take down the course.  
Next match: July 1st (Saturday) 
Leo Gonzales   
CT Air Gunners   
Link to photos, course planner and match report below.   

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