BCSA (Binghamton, NY) June 10, 2017 Match Report

June 10 2017 at 7:18 PM

Greg  (Login isledweller)

BCSA June 10th, 2017 Match Report

OK, this wet weather stuff is getting OLD! After having to battle the rain all of last year……this year has started out pretty much the same! Our supposed first match of the year (back in May) was canceled due to the what turned out to be a 40 degree rain filled day….good call! Up until about a day ago, this month’s match was starting to look like it was going to be another wet day! It wasn’t till Friday morning that all the forecasts started to come together and match time was going to be fine! Ok, game on!

In usual fashion, my wife Pat and I went to the range on Friday to setup our canopies and place all the targets. Again there were threats of afternoon showers, but none materialized. Other than the hot weather, we had everything setup in about 3 hours. After a final check to make sure we had everything together, we called it a night. We arrived at the range at 6:30am to pull the strings and get the sight-in targets put out. On the way to the range, we did hit a few rain showers, but that was it for the day! We started pulling strings and shortly after we got started, Art and Issy Deuel arrived and lent us a helping hand. Between all of us, we made short work of it and we were ready for the day.

The competitors for the day started to arrive and a few of them also had a few rain showers to drive through, but overall nothing too heavy. That was a good sign, especially since the radar was showing another small heavy rain storm heading our way! We ended up with 18 individuals, but 19 scores. Superman Brian VanLiew opted to shoot 2 separate classes at once. Thank you all for coming out!

As always, there was a good mix of ages on hand ranging from a new young shooter (Anthony, that Nic brought with him) to our elder statesman, Hans Apelles. This was also the first match of the season for a couple of shooters, and they were definitely glad to be out among friends! The close-nit quarters of our range makes for a relaxed atmosphere where everyone gets to hang out and chat with their fellow shooters!

The weather for the day turned out FANTASTIC! After the clouds lifted, the temperature rose and coats were shed! The temperatures started in the 60’s and rose into the lower 80’s with just a slight breeze. There were a few gusts but not enough throughout the match to cause any issues!

The stats for today’s rifle match was an avg. KZ size of 1.18”, an avg. yardage of 33.54yds and an avg. difficulty of 32.86T. The Course Standard Deviation was 9.75. The course consisted of 10 lanes with 3 targets per lane. There was 1 kneeling lane and 1 standing lane. For some reason the evil match director ran the 2 positional lanes back to back! Unfortunately there were 2 cold lines! Both were string related. 1 was the clasp coming off and the other was for for a string getting caught on on of the target bolts. Other than that, there were no other issues during the rifle match.

After the conclusion of the rifle match, we handed out the awards and reset a few thing in order to get ready for the pistol match. Once all the festivities were complete, everyone jumped in and lent a helping hand in picking things up. Boy does teardown go quick…..Thanks everyone! I also want to thank Issy & Janet for helping Pat out with verifying the scores...........Thanks Ladies!

A few pictures (the rest of the pictures for the day can be found here:http://s153.photobucket.com/user/isledweller/library/BCSA%20June%202017%20FT )

Superman Brian VanLiew:

Brian VanLiew photo IMG_3549_zpse9pqopsr.jpg
Tom & Dennis Himes:

Dennis Himes photo IMG_3590_zpspk3bote5.jpg

Mike Norris and his FrankenDeuel (RAW TM1000/Anschutz Hybrid):

Mike Norris... Is that a TM1000, An Anschutz or what? photo IMG_3563_zpszpqxs0ta.jpg

Craig Evans and his Grandson Wyatt:

Craig Evans photo IMG_3586_zpsnweqiur3.jpg

Art Deuel:

Art Deuel photo IMG_3555_zpsekowtzja.jpg

Rifle Match Results (60 shot match):

Ray Apelles   WFTF - Piston   Diana D54 Bullpup   March FX 5-40   AA 8.44   46   
Jerry LaRocca   WFTF - Piston   AA TX200 SR   Bushnell Elite 8-32x40   AA 8.44   34   
Brian VanLiew   WFTF - PCP   Hammerli AR20 FT   Nikko Diamond 10-50   AA 8.44   46   
Rosalie Paulsen   WFTF - PCP   Crosman 1720T Rifle   Mueller 8-32   AA 8.44   18   
Greg Shirhall   Hunter - Piston   AA TX200 MKIII   Bushnell Elite 6-24x40   JSB 8.44   41   
Paul Manktelow   Hunter - Piston   Walther LGU   Hawke 3-12x50   H&N Sniper Med.   29   
Tom Himes   Hunter - PCP   Daystate Airwolf   Hawke   AA 10.34   53   
Dennis Himes   Hunter - PCP   Daystate Airwolf   Hawke   AA 10.34   48   
Bill Campbell   Hunter - PCP   AirForce   N/A   0.22   13   
Brian VanLiew   Open - PCP   FX400 FT   Nikko Diamond 10-50   AA 8.44   51   
Mike Norris   Open - PCP   Franken Deuel   Sighton SIII 10-50   JSB 13.4   44   
Hans Apelles   Open - PCP   Crosman 1720T Rifle   Leupold Comp 35   AA 8.44   44   
Art Deuel   Open - PCP   FWB P70FT   Sighton SIII 10-50   JSB 8.44   36   
Craig Evans   Open - PCP   Crosman Challenger   Aeon 8-32x50   H&N Sniper Med.   36   
Wyatt Evans Gartley   Open - PCP   Crosman Challenger   Aeon 8-32x50   H&N Sniper Med.   35   
Nicolas Gregoris   Open - PCP   AA S400   Hawke 8-32   AA 13.43   35   
David Lee   Open - PCP   AA S300   BSA Tactical   AA 10.34   29   
Kevin Kunkle   Open - PCP   Raw TM1000   Sighton SIII 10-50   AA 10.34   28   
Anthony Salimida   Jr. Hunter - PCP   Daystate Harrier   BSA 6-24   AA 10.34   16   

Pistol Match Results (40 shot match):

Craig Evans   Hunter - Pistol   Crosman 1720T   UTG 3-9x32   AA 8.44   21   
Wyatt Evans Gartley   Hunter - Pistol   Crosman 1720T   UTG 3-9x32   AA 8.44   15   
Bill Campbell   Hunter - Pistol   Benjamin Marauder   N/A   0.22   8   
Kevin Kunkle   Hands Only Pistol   Anschutz   Open Sights   JSB 7.9   3   
Ray Apelles   Rifle - Standing   Dianna D54 Bullpup   March FX 5-40   AA 8.44   26   
Hans Apelles   Rifle - Standing   Crosman 1720T Rifle   Leupold Comp 35   AA 8.44   16   
Tom Himes   Rifle Fun/Practice   Daystate Airwolf   Hawke   AA 10.34   34/36   
Dennis Himes   Rifle Fun/Practice   Daystate Airwolf   Hawke   AA 10.34   34/36   
Brian VanLiew   Rifle Fun/Practice   Hammerli AR20 FT   Nikko Diamond 10-50   AA 8.44   27/40   

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