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June 12 2017 at 6:34 PM

Frank in Fairfield  (Login MRodDude)

Response to eye protection

I will be 72 in August.
I just had cataract surgery in both eyes.
Glasses are needed now just for reading.
The California Driver's license no longer has the requirement.
I am so relieved
A year or so ago I was shooting air pistol silhouette.
Using my 1720T and 7.33 grain pellets, just short of 12fpe.
A spectator sat down next to me to watch the action while I was shooting at the 10 meter chickens.
We have some mighty fancy targets at our range (Diablo/Concord, CA) that have the target mounted in a steel rack used to hold the animals and make them easy to reset without walking down range.

So, I am shooting away and, as long as I hit the targets, the pellet bounced harmlessly away or fell down towards the ground.

The times I missed, the pellets impacted the target cabinet frame, they re-bounded directly back towards the firing line.

Of course they were not very aero-dynamic and in fact had flattened out due to the impact and had some sharp edges.

I heard a few of them fly past me and thank goodness they did not hit me.

The observer was not so lucky as they were bouncing off of his face.

He is a seasoned shooter and routinely wears corrective eyewear anyway but I know he was very pleased with himself for wearing shooting glasses while watching me.

There is no excuse for not wearing shooting glasses and, although I am not a range officer, I will not shoot with anyone as a member of my FT squad who is not wearing glasses of some sort.

I know this is lengthy.
Please excuse my rambling.
Stay safe and free.

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