2017 Nevada Grand Prix Match report (June9-11th)

June 13 2017 at 5:47 PM

Nevada Air Gunners (N.A.G.)  (Login AirSmithCA)

Wow!! What an amazing experience. I am so exhausted and thrilled at the same time. But to be completely honest, With my foot injury and the long recovery from surgery, I wasn't sure this event would even happen this year. I seriously considered canceling it but Jason Howard stepped up and said he would do the target installation if I was willing to organize the event. I know I speak for all of us whom were there when I say THANK YOU Jason!!!! Your tireless efforts all last week were very much appreciated. He helped me prep and paint all 56 targets, installed them through out the canyon, set up camp, and even designed a new logo for the club..... Great Job!! You are amazing!

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Thankfully, it was all worthwhile. Out of 20 expected registrants, I am pleased to report 16 dedicated field target shooters made the trek to Battle Mountain to test themselves against the 56 metal quarry on the slopes and flats of Horse Canyon at the Square "M" ranch and showed themselves ready to take on Battle Mountain”s montra "ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH?" We had several typical suspects returning from last year with some other established field target shooters coming to Battle Mountain for the first time. We also welcomed Derek Acres from Colorado and Al Padilla from southern Ca whom joined us as walk-ons. Many camped on site and some enjoyed the inexpensive lodging in town. After each match we enjoyd a customary BBQ picnic lunch at the picnic tables. The few that had to make last minute changes were missed. We hope you will have the opportunity to participate in this field target adventure again sometime soon.

Jason and I arrived early and camped on site all week to make preparations. Our course spans 28 lanes up a dirt road that snakes it's way through the canyon. The terrain is rugged and scenic and it emphasizes the "field" in field target but it provides the opportunity to create a unique challenge at every turn. Some shots are uphill, some downhill, some steep, some shallow. Others are flatter and some are canopied by trees and shrubs for light and dark effect. The wind is often a factor out there and with the way that the canyon walls change height and direction, You can have one shot that has minimal wind effect and the next on the same lane could have left or right drift, sometimes coupled with up or down drafts.
Our match activities started Friday June 9th with a Pistol match. A week or so before the match We rescheduled the Pistol match for 1pm to accommodate contestants needing to travel Friday morning because of work schedules. With some clouds overhead, temps were pleasant and conditions were good throughout the afternoon. We had six Hunter pistol shooters and four in Limited. The course was fairly tough with a possible of 40 points. We had a very tight contest in Limited with Rizalde shooting his "Rizzynator" and Bill Corder with "the Riddler". Randy Ebersole lead Hunter with his new Thomas brand convertible carbine that doubles as a PFT rig with the butt stock removed.

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1st Rizalde Marquez – Steyer LP1 - scope undeclared- …… 32/40
2nd Bill Corder – AA S500 pistol – Weaver Kaspa 3-12x- …. 31
3rd Cameron Kerndt- Airmax MK2 – Leapers 3-12x- ……... 27
Lonnie Smith – Crosman 1701P – 3-12 Aeon - …………..… 6


1st. Randy Ebersole – Thomas – undeclared 3-12x-42- .... 33/40
2nd. Scott Hull – Benjamin Marauder – UTG 3-12-44-..….. 30
3rd. John Knapp – Crosman 1720T – Hawke 3-12x-50-…… 24
Wayne Burns – Marauder Pistol – Hawke 3-12x -…………… 23
Darren Taylor – 1740 special – Weaver 12x - ……………….. 19
Jason Howard – 1720T – Simmons 3-12 - ……………………….13

Rifle Match:

The 28 lanes on our course span approximately 1/2 mile and they rise in elevation a little. Because of the wind factors can change so dramatically from day to day I assign lanes with an ODD number course and an EVEN number course. That way each day every shooter gets a sampling of the whole layout under the same conditions. In order to help avoid confusion, our Lane signs and scorecards were color matched (YELLOW/Even lanes and RED/odd lanes) to keep everyone on track. To assist our shooters in finding targets on their assigned lanes we created matching yellow or Red target signs. Each target was assigned a number that corresponded on the scorecards. Shooters were expected to shoot the targets in numerical sequence. Our match conditions this year are a perfect example as to why I run the lanes this way. Saturday the wind was brutal!! 15-25mph winds and gusts. Sunday was a beautiful mild breezy day. The lower part of the course gets the full brunt of the wind. The upper side of the course is much more protected by trees and the topography. Going with ODD/EVEN protocol gives every shooter as fair of a sampling of facing the elements as I can provide.

On the course we had some very tight contests in OPEN PCP and HUNTER PCP and a surprise victory by a new shooter. Derek Acres, a veteran in our armed services, registered as a walk=on toting an RWS 54 and manged to top Hunter Piston for a win in his first field target match. Chris Merritt shot an impressive day 2 score to mount a comeback in OPEN-PCP which was decided by only one point against Wayne Burns. Hunter Precharge ended in a tie for first place between Randy Ebersole and Jim Cyran with the shoot off going to Randy Ebersole.

On the scoreboard:

Wayne Burns – USFT #156 – Nikko 10-50x-60 - ……….86/112
Chris Merritt – USFT – scope undeclared - …………….85
Pat Callihan – USFT – Bushnell 8-32-40 - ………………. 48


Rizalde Marquez – Thomas – scope undeclared – … 93/112
Scott Hull – Marauder carbine – UTG 3-12x-44 - …... 83
Bill Corder – Steyer LG110 – Leupod Comp 35x - …… 81

Lonnie Smith – HW97 – Simmons 6.5-20x-50 - …….. 76/112

Derek Acres – RWS 54 – scope undeclared - ………60/112
Jason Howard – HW97 – Vortex 4-12x-40 …………..50
Len Niles - Benji NP – UTG 3-9x - …………………………20

Randy Ebersole – Thomas – Hawke - ………………… 85/112
Jim Cyran – SteyerLG100 – S&B 5-25x-56 - …………85
John Knapp – TM-1000 – Hawke 8-32x-56 -….…….82
Cameron Kerndt – Steyer LG110 – Hawke -.…….. 79
Darren Taylor – Steyer – Hawke - ……………………….70
Al Padilla – Air Arms S500 – Aeon - …………………….58

Thank you to all of our participants. Your presence enhanced our experience. I hope each of you enjoyed sharing the field as much as I enjoyed sharing it with each of you. Congratulations on your achievements!! Also I’d like to offer a big THANK YOU to all who helped take down the course Sunday. We appreciated that assistance so very much!!!!

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Randy and Riz celebrating their divisional sweep of Pistol and Rifle wins.
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