Updated Current roster for Oregon St. Championships 2017 July 21 to 23rd.

June 15 2017 at 9:02 PM
Wayne Burns  (Login WayneBurns)

2017 Oregon State Field Target Championships
Registered Competitor Class

maybe - Angel Santiago - Free Style
A - Chris Lovitt - Free Style
A - JD Dodge - Free Style
A - Sue Vogel - Free Style
A - Joe Corp - Free Style
A - Kyle Corp - Free Style
maybe - Vincent Marquez - Free Style

A - Jim Cyran - Hunter PCP
A - Al Padilla - Hunter PCP
A - Larry Durham - Hunter PCP
ABC- Jessica Kerndt - Hunter PCP
ABC- Cameron Kerndt - Hunter PCP
ABC - Jason Howard - Hunter PCP
A - John Knapp - Hunter PCP
ABC - Randy Ebersole - Hunter PCP
maybe - Russ Cronk - Hunter PCP
ABC - Scott Schneider - Hunter PCP

A - Darren Taylor - Hunter Piston
AB - Jacob Sumner - Hunter Piston

maybe - Bob Pont - Open PCP
maybe - Carlos Iganigias - Open PCP
A - Chris Merritt - Open PCP
maybe - Gordon Stipe - Open PCP
A - Jim Whittlesey - Open PCP
A - Terry Eannetta - Open PCP
A - Vicente Pacheco - Open PCP
ABC - Wayne Burns - Open PCP
ABC - Dan House - Open PCP

A - Gabriel Lucero - WFTF PCP
maybe - George Doganis - WFTF PCP
maybe - Kevin Yee - WFTF PCP
maybe - Riz Marquez - WFTF PCP
maybe - Mark Gravelle - WFTF PCP
ABC - Scott Hull - WFTF PCP

A - Alan Heggmen - WFTF Piston
A - Lonnie Smith - WFTF Piston
AB - Jim Poh - WFTF Piston
ABC - Jonathan Reyes - WFTF Piston
AB - Son Lu - WFTF Piston

A = Verbal Confirmation
B = Paid
C = Registered

Call, post here, or email to confirm the status listed here if you would please.

Wayne Burns,
Match Director,
Oregon State 2017 Field Target Championships

wayne@airgunoregon dot com

five four one - five three one - six nine two six

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