What a Special Match!

June 15 2017 at 9:33 PM
JimC  (Login 22Jim)

Response to 2017 Nevada Grand Prix Match report (June9-11th)

First a huge thank you to the people who made this match possible, Chris, Lonnie and Jason. We out West are truly blessed to have such enthusiastic members of our sport who give freely of their time and resources to put on special matches like this.

This is such a unique match. Held in the middle of nowhere not close to anyone, primitive camping, difficult course of fire, howling winds, dust and gravel, miles of dirt roads to access the match site. Out of the 9 or so vehicles that were driven to the match site we had at least 5 flat tires and one catastrophic blow out over the 3 days. In spite of the conditions I never heard one complaint, people cooked great food and shared with everyone, beverages flowed freely, and great friendships were cemented over the 3 day event. I though to myself it was too bad that so many people were missing such a great event, but then I realized that only a small percentage of people would enjoy such a match. The 16 or so shooters who show up each year are a unique bunch of people to be able to appreciate this match.

The competition was superb, and shooting was really incredible. The goal on Saturday was to survive. Below is a link to a You Tube video showing the wind conditions during the pistol match on Friday, the winds on Saturday for the rifle match were the same or worse. Sunday we caught a break and had only moderate winds, welcomed by all the shooters.

I have come to appreciate the people who show up to compete at these special matches because without their support there would be no matches like this.

Below are some pictures from the pistol match on Friday.

Jim in Sacramento

Video of wind in the Canyon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1awIAs7lVU
(notice the target markers as well)

The pretzel man Scott
[linked image]

[linked image]

John, Randy and Sarge
[linked image]

Several competitors watching Jason
[linked image]

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