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I think it is funny that shooters that use 50x scopes that are capable of range finding to +- 12 inches at 55yds, who can click to hold their cross hairs dead center on the KZ every shot and can dial down the power to shoot are threatened by the possibility that the Hunter class may actually have a technique that allows them to range with some precision (+- 2-3yds) beyond 40yds. Even if we were given the target distances we still have to shoot at 12x and hold off. As is so often said in these type of discussions, what difference does it make, you are not competing against hunter class shooters anyway.

If anyone thinks bracketing is the answer, they should try it and see how effective it is. Scott is the only shooter I know that competes at the highest levels of the sport who effectively uses bracketing and he could and did compete at the same level before his interest in bracketing.

But to the real point of the post, target numbering. The last two matches I shot had numbered targets and I found them quite helpful. They clearly identify the shooting sequence of the targets, they are invaluable in allowing you to quickly locate the targets in a given lane and sometimes can allow you to glean wind information. All of which are pluses for "ALL" classes of shooters. Obviously the European FT shooters see some value in doing the same. As he pointed out the technique is not required and is up to the discretion of the MD. If you don't believe it adds value, don't use it.

I believe Scott was trying to pass on his experience with target numbering as opposed to some plot to allow the Hunter class some special advantage.

Jim in Sacramento

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