June 18 2017 at 11:58 PM


The TRRC 2017 Outdoor Season continued on the 17th of June with our third Field Target Match for Pistol and Rifle.
In attendance were 3 Pistol and 11 Rifle Shooters.
We continued with our 2 new lanes (#11 = Ground/Tree & #12 = our SECOND Standing Lane with Ground/Tree placements and shot a 72 Shot Match with 2 Targets per Lane.
Everyone is now accustomed to the cost for participation for the Single Event ($10.00) and for Combined Events ($15.00) to shoot BOTH Pistol AND Rifle.
George and Kimberly brought Do-Nuts today. Thank You Both.
Hunter Class dominated, as usual, with Dave, George, Kim, Ted, Sue and JD but we also had a great showing in Open Class for a change with Red, Jeremy, Kurt, Terry and John.
Speaking of Dave and Dominating……………… “DOMINATOR DAVE” was the Match Winner and beat everyone in Pistol AND Rifle with his scores of 57 and 71.
Kurt beat Red shooting their “Springers”. In fact, Kurt has introduced a new “THING” into our TRRC Program. The Caliber of .22 is NOW Authorized, as long as the power remains below 20FLB.
This move was discussed and with the number of .22s that are sitting in a closet “Unused” somewhere………..IF we allowed them to compete then we may have new members join our “Fun Family”.
Kurt has spent years competing in England shooting Field Target with Sub-12FLB .22 Air Rifles and has now joined our Family. WELCOME, KURT!
John shot the entire course standing, again, with his PCP. There were a few of those shots that seemed to be ¼” at 300 Yards, and THAT MADE IT REALLY A BIG CHALLENGE!!!!
IN FACT, I “MIGHT” have to re-look at a couple of those “Little Bitty, Tee Ninecee KZ Holes”…………….maybe…………….well……………..uhh……………….maybeeee………….
Sue did very well with her Pistol but had to drop out of Rifle early in the match with “Re-Charging” problems. (BTW, it’s fixed now).
Amazingly, the Weather Person was CORRECT AGAIN and the weather was great!
Everyone shot a “Higher Score” than back in April and had even more fun than before. That is the Objective!
We have NO MORE FIELD TARGET MATCHES before the BIG ONE IN JULY, so I suggest you make the Outdoor Metallic Silhouette Match on the 24th of this month for more practice.
Practice is obviously paying off for Dave! wink.gif
The Bill Quick Memorial will be 12 Lanes with Three Targets per Lane for a Total of 108 Shots and will be held on the 15th of July. Pistol Match in AM and Rifle Match Following. The Entry Fee will be $20.00 for All Matches and BBQ.
Last, But Not Least……….Thanks to everyone for Setting Up and Taking the Course down.
Match Winner (Hunter)
Dave Brown – 57/71
Hunter PCP Pistol
JD Dodge - 48
Sue Vogel - 37
Hunter PCP Rifle
George Sharrett – 66
Ted Miles – 64
JD Dodge – 59
Kimberly Tootell - 52
Sue Vogel - DNF
Open Spring Rifle
Kurt Kurtz – 52
“Red” Edwards - 46
Open PCP Rifle
Jeremy Sabin – 67
Terry Cooke - 62
John Mickel - 16

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