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Re: Huh? Scott, the scope itself was level and I had adjustment left and right. But

June 30 2017 at 11:57 PM
Scott Hull  (Login Scotchmo1957)

Response to Huh? Scott, the scope itself was level and I had adjustment left and right. But

"...Before, the 10 yard was left after zeroing at 30 and the 55 was right. There, the scope was forced out of alignment..."

Classic scope cant + gun cant.

Rotate the scope clockwise and rezero. As you do this, the poi of the 10 yard shot will move toward the vertical reticle. That takes care of the "10 yard was left". Mount a level on the scope (not the rail) and rotate the level (not the scope) so that it indicates when the reticle is level. That takes care of the "55 was right". Problem fixed.

"...If the tube is not inline with the bore but crossways across the centerline of the bore, you believe it can be corrected by rotation and windage?"

Yes. I gaurantee it, as long as you have not used up your turret movement. The scope tube does not determine the final line of sight. The erector tube  in the scope determines the line of sight. It pivots up and down (elevation turret) and left and right (windage turret). As long as you have sufficient turret adjustment remaining, you don't need adjustable mounts or shims.

"The rail was not straight on the chassis due to the back being flexed...."

If the rail is bent front to back, you need a new rail or you need to lap the rings. Otherwise you will be stressing the scope tube, and likely experiencing temperature induced shifts. 

If you tip a good shooting gun clockwise, 55 yard shots will hit right. If you rotate the scope CCW, the 10 yard shots will appear to hit to the left. Combine both problems (gun cant + scope cant). That is what you described.

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