I am in trouble now ... and I need to be held accountable!

July 5 2017 at 2:57 PM
john  (Login JCarl)

OK - so I beleive I am in trouble now happy.gif

What started about 12 years ago as an attempt to rid ourselves of tree rats has ofically turned into a problem. I used to shoot FT with my , then 11-14 year old son, now 21 year old son at TVA with the ocasional match up at Roz's place in Polaski, TN.

Here comes the trouble part. Those early events were shot by me and my son using some Crosman 2250 and a modded 22"25" that had the basic mods and a LW .25 barrel. Man did we have a great time. As the years went on we settled into a handfull of TX200(s) with a nice buschy 4200 mil dot. That worked great. Well my son went off to school and I got into trouble when about 2.5 years ago I traded a springer for a Marauder in .25

Then as the hand pumping got old I turned to a 6K PSI nitrogen setup. Got the guage set and a regulator. That is when the real trouble started. No longer shooting matches every month I settled into the mindset that "bigger is better" for my weekend backyard shooting events. I never went above a .25, however, when the RAW HMX in .25 showed up last year I was hooked - nicest PCP to date in my humble little collection.

About a month ago I realized that there is something to be said for the old standby .177 caliber. So now look at this!

[linked image]

Back on Saturday I had the great pleasure of (from the sale of my RAW in .20) to purchase the RAW TM1000 seen at the top of the pic. Mounted my trusty Hawke Airmax 8-32X50 and well let's just say I am in trouble!

What a laser that rifle is. It will get its own write up post with plenty of additional pics. I just had to report something after about 500 rounds down range in the last four days - trouble indeed!!

Here it is as I received it right after the sale in the trunk of my car. Just imaging a park and ride parking lot off the interstate in rural Alabama - two guys trading a rifle from truck to trunk. Now that I type that I guess in rural Alabama that does not seem out of place, regardless, here it was right after the pruchase...

[linked image]

I drove home and after mounting the scope proceeded to grin with delight as I promptly ran through the first tin of pellets. I have four "lanes" in my back yard with , mostly tree mounted, FTs that I recently went through each one and repaired them to stop false hits/falls. That is what happens when you beat up a FT with a .25.

They all drop like a dream now as I set to destroy the course. The middle rifle above came to me tuned and shrouded by Will P. An Evanix Rainstorm II in .177. Then I just got from the yellow the as new Maximus in .177.

So there you have it. My .177 PCP stable.

Now comes the accountability part - I live not too far from Roz's place. Not too far from Minor Hill, TN and not too far from Heflin, AL. I am absolutely spoiled by the bench rested shooting that I am doing - so please hold me accountable. Get me motivated to get out to a match or two.....

So far I have shot the TM1000 up to 100+ rounds on a charge of 190 BAR with no drop in POI. It was set up by Martin as a 12 FPE with AA 8.4 gr 4.52mm lead. I will come with rifle charged and ready to relaern the sport from a PCP perspective. I will just need a little help.

Thank you all!



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