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A Visual Memory of Past National Matches (Ennice)...

July 9 2017 at 11:27 AM

Bob D.  (Login MB-BOB)

Those of you who attended the 2015 Nationals in Ennice remember the horrid conditions on Day 1 of the Rifle match... Cold temps, relentless rain, heavy winds, low hanging clouds (not fog) at 3000 ft elevation in the pretty Blue Ridge mountains. Here's a picture of Red Course Lane 10, which -- at the top of the hill -- posed some unique challenges.

I was squadded with Phil Eakley and youngster Ben Smith. By the time we arrived at this 2-3 lane section of the course, our score cards had already melted into paper pulp, eventually replaced by new paper inside a zip-lock bag. The low hanging clouds were wafting over these lanes, drifting in and out of play. We were alternating shooting order (among we three Hunter Division shooters), and as luck would have it, I shot R10 first.

[linked image]

As shown on the left (not me but another shooter to illustrate), this was just about as clear a view as anyone had of this lane. But not when we shot that lane. Through my scope, I could barely find the far target, even though the clouds were rolling over the ridge and I could not see the KZ on the long shot... it was just a 50+ yd silhouette in the haze, as bad as the view on the right (a little better through the scope). Count XX-00 for me. Then the clouds really rolled in, to obscure not only the far target, but put the near target in and out of view!

Neither Ben nor Phil could see anything 5 yards past the first target. Nothing at all. Phil resigned himself to merely trying to hear -- rather than see -- his shots, taken from memory. He took it in good humor, laughing it off, hoping for luck when none was on offer. Such were the conditions that unforgettable day in Ennice!

I'm so delighted to write that the weather the next day (by contrast) was gorgeous.

What are your visual memories of Ennice? Does anyone have a photo of Leo's poncho blowing over his head? LOL
[linked image]

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