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BAGA Field Target Match Report for July 8, 2017 in Bristol, Wi.

July 9 2017 at 10:32 PM

Boomer  (Login Boomer75)

BAGA Field Target Match Report for July 8, 2017 in Bristol, Wi.

Hello Everyone!

So, It was such an awesome day, I am not sure where to start this one…
The weather was AWESOME! It was 75-78 degrees with 3-6 mph winds. We had blue bird skies all day long making for some VERY mottled and difficult lighting conditions way back in the woods at BAGA making target placement extremely difficult at times on this day.

We had 17 competitors show up to take on the challenging course set for this match. We added a target on lane 12 way up in the tree, making it a difficult shot to say the least. We also raised the near offhand target to around 19’ in the air at a close range so your angle is about 25ish degrees upward increasing the difficulty on that target. The whole course was set to approximately 38T without wind, light or dark lanes factored in, so it was a nice difficult course but manageable none the less.

So manageable, that Vlad Berchanskiy out of the Open Division was able to run the course and only drop 2 shots for a 62/64 earning top honors on the day. I was squaded with Vlad for this match and let me tell you, it was a pleasure to watch him take on each target. I learned a few things about patience during your time shooting the lanes from Vlad and I am happy to say it will make me a better shooter from here on out.

Greg Sauve was able to barely hold on to top spot in WFTF with 59/64 to retain his BAGA dominance. Tyler Patner and Boomer tied for 2nd in WFTF with 58/64 each. Alex set up a 3/4” kz target at approximately 50 yards and they each took 3 shots but one competitor at a time from the WFTF seated position, but it was a single shot deciding factor so 1st shot against 1st shot, 2nd shot against 2nd shot, and 3rd shot against 3rd shot. Alex gave Tyler the choice and Tyler selected to go first so Boomer had to stand there and watch while Tyler take his 3 shots, then Boomer had to match or better Tyler’s 3 shots. Tyler knocked down the ¾”, 50 yard target on both of his first 2 shots, but did not manage to knock it down on his 3rd shot. So, Boomer had to sit down with 20 people standing around him, talking about the pressure and one person recording (and giving color commentary 3 feet behind him) and knock down all 3 shots on the ¾” target set at 50 yards. Alex gave both guys a 5 minute timer to shoot all 3 shots and Boomer took full advantage of that 5 minutes to calm himself down, lower his heart rate, steady his breathinng and knock all 3 shots down to win the shoot out and claim 2nd place for the day in WFTF. That was the single hardest moment in Boomer’s field target career and it really did not mean anything other than a certificate. It was just an awesome moment to live through! What an experience!!!!!!

We had a VERY special guest show up without notice and shoot with Brandon Carroll(her dad). Jessica Wenzel showed up and had not touched a pellet rifle is 6 years as she has been busy having and raising her 2 awesome children and showed up to take 3rd place in Open division shooting her dad’s Steyr. Now let’s put this into perspective….Brando is right handed, Jessica is LEFT handed. Every time they switched places in the lanes, they had to swap knee risers back and forth since they each have their own custom made knee risers. Brando is 6’2” or so and Jessica is all of 5’8”ish. Jessica had to reach over the scope with her right hand to reach the ranging knob on the left side so she was looking like a contortionist all day long just to range find. Contortionist or not, she performed like a seasoned veteran, not like someone that has not shot a pellet in 6 years! Great job Jessica and please bless us with your attendance again very soon, please.

This was the most difficult course set this year so far and the scores are not showing it!

The BAGAnites showed up and did not take this match lightly one bit. It was awesome to watch it unfold today and we are only going to get better through the rest of the year. We are truly blessed to be able to do what we do and we all have FUN and that is what is most important. After the match, we hosted our winter league banquet and everyone ate BBQ ribs and chicken cooked on the grill by Ron and Bill. We have an awesome core group and that is what makes BAGA awesome! No matter what our scores for the day, we all came to have fun and dang it! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!! Thanks to everyone that made this day another GREAT day at BAGA!!!!!!!

Participants and gear
Vlad Berchanskiy…Anschutz ZM2002 Alu…BSA 10-50…CPH 10.5…62/64
Brandon Carroll…Steyr LG100AZ…BSA 10-50…JSB 10.3…55/64
Jessica Wenzel… Steyr LG100AZ…BSA 10-50…JSB 10.3…53/64
Bill Howarth…Thomas…March X 8-80…JAB 13.43(poly)…52/64
Ron Weber…Steyr LG100AZ…BSA 10-50…CPH 10.5…51/64
Bill Kushner…Steyr LG100AZ…Nikko Sterling Diamond 10-50…CPH 10.5…50/64
Alex Modic…Steyr LG100ZM…BSA 10-50…JSB 10.3…27/64

Greg Sauve…Thomas carbine…March X 8-80…AA 8.44…59/64
Brian Vandenboom…Steyr LG110BV…Sightron 10-50…AA8.44…58/64 Win by shoot out
Tyler Patner…Steyr LG110…Kahles K10-50 FT…JSB 7.87…58/64
Don Carkhuff…Steyr LG110…Schmidt & Bender 10-50…JSB 8.44…43/64
Ken Pike…AA EV2…Sightron 10-50…JSB 8.44…28/64

Phil Eakley…RAW TM1000…Optisan Viper @12x…JSB 13.43(poly)…57/64
Ken Hohenstein…BSA R-10…Optisan Viper @12x…JSB 10.34…51/64
Jeremy Zorns…Brocock Compato…Hawke 3-12…Barracuda match 10.65…45/64
Bill Zinaveah…RAW TM1000…Optisan Viper @12x…JSB 13.43(poly)

Jim Guidici…RAW TM1000…BSA 10-50///AA 10.34…53/64

See you all on the lanes!

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The Feast for the afternoon
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