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Made some handy string winders from scrap material over the weekend...

July 10 2017 at 2:46 PM
john  (Login JCarl)

Had rain this past weekend – until I can get out to a match I kept busy with projects around the home.

I’d imagine this has been done before, however, in case it has not here is my first go at making a cordless drill powered string winder for the 12 FTs that remain outside. I primarily get to shoot on the weekends and the least favorite part is the winding up on the Gamo string winders.

Never too proud to scrap from a dumpster for salvage I managed to find about 30 feet in total length of coarse thread 3/8” threaded rod. A quick search through my spare nuts and bolts yielded the necessary bolts and washers. For “ends” I used a piece of PVC that allows for movement of the 3/8” rod. I then recycled old pellet tins to hold the cord in-between.

Another salvage find was a 1,000’ paracord reel that a neighbor had that he no longer needed? OK. I’ll take that and use it someday.

I’d imagine that 750 LB paracord is overkill for FT resetting – but the goal was to make from what I had on hand.

Pic 1 – assembled and one end ground off on four sides to make it more drill chuck friendly:

[linked image]

Pic 2 – Mounted the (before pic taken – full reel of the paracord) to some rebar to make winding and determining length needed easier:

[linked image]

Pic 3 – An example of a wound holder. I decided not to make them the same length – instead labeled for each critter – might regret this one day….

[linked image]

Once I got my rhythm of assembly down it was assemble and move onto the next one. I managed to build 11 holders. Came up short on threaded rod. Not too bad for home sourced material. And cleaning up was a snap. Here is a recycled piece of old bank furniture that I drilled and tapped for holding up six of the holders. The other lanes (not shown in this pic) hold the rest. Got this idea from a visit to Roz’s hollow once.

Pic 4 – put them to use on Sunday:

[linked image]

Hope this helps someone else.



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