Match Report for AAFTA GP- 2017 Oregon St. FT Championships 7-21-23

July 24 2017 at 11:37 PM
Wayne Burns  (Login WayneBurns)

2017 Oregon St. Field Target Championships 7/21, 22, 23rd – Match Report

The predicted 90ish nice weather manifested, and we even had a nicer Sunday than predicted with some morning cloud cover to keep it a little cooler. I did receive my prayed for winds of moderate velocity that ranged from 2 to 7mph on Saturday, and more like 1 to 4mph on Sunday. The winds blowing off the adjacent pasture collected the cooler evaporated air off the watered grasses, keeping us about 15 or 20 degrees cooler than outside the shaded oak forest. Wearing a shooting jacket, at least my lighter duty one, on Sunday was actually pleasant.

We had competitors traveling from afar…. Northern and Southern California supplied most of the shooters, and we had Sue and JD from Washington, but Dan House gets the “Farthest Traveled” by car award, with his solo journey from Montana, but our old friend, who’s been working overseas, Jonathon Reyes traveled the farthest truly coming over from Hong Kong as part of a July vacation.

For the rifle match, we had 27 steel hunters on day one, and 24 shooters attend both days. We contested a 33T pistol match with 12 competitors, a Basic Break Barrel match on the pistol course with 11, and a two day rifle match with all AAFTA GP classes except Open Piston participating.

The 31T rifle course had 23 of the 52 targets past 40 yards. The average kill zone was 1.145 inches and the average distance was 31.3 yards. The course standard deviating was 5.95. The course was shot up and downhill with the steepest either direction about 25 degrees. There were no level shots on the course. The only cold lines we had were from a few broken or hung up strings. The targets we tested and retested performed well.

We shot by the number in sequence, and one had to pay attention to detail. Thanks to Scott Hull for donating the lane and target markers. Uphill shots were particularly challenging for yours truly. They were just steep enough to create discomfort and unsteadiness for a lot of the bum bag folks. I imagine the hunter class with their bipods had less trouble with those uphill shots, which is reflected in the high scores from many in that class, which bested the highest Open class scores. But, counter to that theory, WFTF PCP in the form of Kevin Yee, shot the overall highest score with a 95/104. Gabe did best Kevin on day two by a point, AND, he also shot the highest daily score over the two days with a 49/52, but that was not enough to win the class. Riz tied Gabe for second in WFTF PCP, mostly due to a “not like him”, 2 for 8 on the offhand lanes.

Randy Ebersole posted the second highest match score with a 93/104 and won not only the Hunter Class PCP, but the Pistol and Basic Break Barrel matches too. He has really upped his game this last year. When he continues to beat me, at least I can be proud that I taught him.

IF not for a mental error of shooting a lane out of order, Scott Schneider would have tied Randy in Hunter Class, but he still attained a solid second with an 89/104. Jessica Kerndt and John Knapp tied for third place with 84/104. Age bowed to beauty, and John graciously let Jessica take home the award along with “High Score Woman”.

In WFTF Piston class, Jonathon showed he and his guns didn’t get rusty with all his gear locked up in storage for 5 years here in America, and beat up on his Diablo buddies Jim Poh and Son Lu. He said there is no chance of shooting air guns in China, and how great it was to be in America shooting again. We hope “Jonnie Piston” will not wait so long to visit again! Be safe Bro on your travels overseas.

Hunter Piston was won by Darren Taylor with Jason Howard taking second, with both posting good scores for that class.

The Open Class title was tightly contested with Chris Merritt and Jim Whittlesey in a tie for first with 89/104 and me a point behind with 88/104. Chris got his revenge on me for beating him by one point in the Nevada St Championships last month We had a really fun contest, and it was so nice shooting with Jim on Sunday and great to see him back on the circuit with this being his first match since last years’ Nationals. Chris shot a great 46/52 on Sunday to come back and squeak out the tie for first.

Special thanks to JD Dodge and Sue Vogel for making the long journey from Tacoma WA . They came especially to handle the registration for me and joined in for day one under some terribly trying conditions with Sue recently losing her daughter. They had to leave early Sunday to prepare for the funeral. They take our prayers for love and a peaceful transition with them.

I also want to thank Randy Ebersole, Jason Howard, Scott Hull, Darren Taylor, Jim Whittlesey, Jim Cyran and Jonathan Reyes for all their hard work helping me finish up the course on Wed. & Thursday and getting the scores and scoreboard together. Again this year, my sister Laurie stepped up and prepared meals & cleaned up after us… Thanks Sis! There is no way it could have gotten done without their help.

Joe Corp deserves special thanks for making his land available again so we could build the course and have the match. This is the second course he has allowed us to build on one of his 600 ac ranches. Our part of the deal is to kill the real digger squirrels that are destroying his pastures. Some of us got some of that work done over the weekend, but keep in mind that is an ongoing project, and if you can come again sometime, and help us maintain a reasonable level of the ground squirrel population, then, that would be helpful.

Alan Mash filmed the event for us. Thanks Alan! He used a drone and real fancy cameras to give us some great views of the action. When he’s done editing the hours and hours he recorded, we’ll post a link here on the forum. Meanwhile you might enjoy some of the other films he’s made. Here is his utube site. www.airgunsworld.com

JD and others took pictures of the match, and I hope they can post them or their links here, as they have time.

Here are the results:

Hunter Rifle PCP

Competitor – Day One – Day Two – Total/Possible

Randy Ebersole – 46 – 47 – 93/104
Scott Schneider– 43 – 46 – 89/104
Jessica Kerndt– 44 – 40 – 84/104
John Knapp– 38 – 46 – 84/104
Jim Cyran– 41 – 42 – 83/104
Al Paddilla– 38 – 45 – 83/104
Chris Lovitt– 41 – 41 – 82/104
Cameron Kerndt– 38 – 40 – 78/104
Larry Durham– 36 – 35 – 71/104
JD Dodge– 34/52
Sue Vogel– 26/52

Kevin Yee– 47 – 48 – 95/104 match high score
Gabriel Lucero– 43 – 49 – 92/104
Riz Marquez– 44 – 48 – 92/104
Scott Hull– 40 – 39 – 79/104

WFTF Piston
Jonathan Reyes– 32 – 40 – 72/104
Son Lu– 32 – 36 – 68/104
Jim Poh – 21 – 26 – 47/104
Mark Gravelle’s 12fpe Marauder pooped out on him early in day one, so he shot his 10m spring gun day 2 for a 14/52

Hunter Rifle Piston
Darren Taylor– 34 – 29 – 63/104
Jason Howard– 24 – 27 – 51/104

Open Rifle PCP

Jim Whittlesey– 44 – 45 – 89/104
Chris Merritt– 43 – 46 – 89/104
Wayne Burns– 43 – 45 – 88/104
Vicente Pacheco– 40 – 36 – 76/104
Gordon Stipe– 25 – 34 – 59/104
Dan House– 26 – 30 – 56/104

Pistol Match:
Hunter Pistol:

Randy Ebersole – 37/40
Scott Hull – 36/40
John Knapp – 31/40
Wayne Burns – 31/40
Vince Pacheco – 30/40
JD Dodge – 27/40
Scott Schneider – 23/40
Darren Taylor – 23/40
Sue Vogel – 19/40
Jason Howard – 12/40

Limited Pistol:

Riz Marquez -35/40
Cameron Kerndt – 23/40

Basic Break Barrel Rifle:

Randy Ebersole – 29/40
Mark Gravelle – 28/40
Jason Howard – 23/40
Riz Marquez – 23/40
Wayne Burns – 21/40
Scott Schneider – 20/40
Cameron Kerndt – 20/40
Dan House – 19/40
John Knapp – 19/40
Jim Cyran – 17/40
Darren Taylor – 11/40

Thanks again for all those who made the effort to journey and shoot the match!

Respectfully Reported,
Wayne Burns,
Match Director,
2017 Oregon St. Field Target Championships

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