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August 7 2017 at 9:56 AM

Paul Porch  (Login paulporch)

Response to Let's have a discussion about AAFTA Divisions/Classes!

Jim, this issue does not look like a participation issue, but looks like the same old story TO ME, IMHO (NOTE I SAID TO ME)

For several years on this forum the hunter class has had complaints on their equipment restrictions ongoing. .i.e. (low power scopes, range finders, attached bi pods, etc)

The unlimited class was tried at most clubs and gained support locally where it was accepted in most cases.
Now it is suggested to dilute the second most participated class with hunter aids…? Why? How many open or WFTF class shooters have complained about their class restrictions on equipment or rules on this forum? I don’t remember seeing any in the past several years myself…!

What’s next? Do we include harness and 20 FPE in WFTF class? I thought the classes where to assure that a competitor is shooting against another, with the same set of rules and restrictions to allow a fair competition.

OK, I am actually in agreement with the hunter class folks in their quest to allow higher power scopes and other aids, just to make it a true hunter class. I have been hunting most of my life and will use whatever I need to make a clean humane kill. Range finders, attached bi pod, etc.
True the animals we shoot have a fairly long-life span, but it is supposed to be field hunting… So, go ahead and suggest to make the AAFTA hunter class merge with unlimited to make a true hunter class.

You noted in your post;

"Hunter Class was created as an intro class to the sport of Field Target. It was the class where the poor, down trodden and hungry could come and taste the elixir of field target and with time and effort maybe someday scale the heights and participate in the Open or WFTF classes. Well what happened was the people shooting hunter class liked it just fine and had no desire to move "UP" to Open and WFTF class. Eventually they began to ask for some of the same tools that Open and WFTF shooters have access to. Here in lies the dilemma, how can you have a beginners class where the participants challenge the best shooters in the Open and WFTF classes using the same level of equipment that the Premier classes do"?

The beginner comes to most matches with a Gamo or other box store rifle that will not compete with the premier rifles and shooters. Hell, we always talk about getting new young blood into the sport.

Well lumping a new shooter in with guys shooting for years and sporting Steyrs, Raws and the like has no chance and is discouraged! This is not brain surgery here.

I suggested a year ago, with the newbie discussion on how to keep them, by making a club level novice class. No rifles costing over $300 or something like that. Even a PCP and piston sub class, as the Crosman Maximum is in the price range.. At least something where they have a chance to hit targets. (Shorter range, full size KZ , etc) THAT’S more like an actually entry level for most starting out.

We tested umlimited/freestyle why not work on a REAL novice class?

The suggestion of changing a non-contested, recognized AAFTA class seems counter intuitive to me. Yes, I shoot open in the GPs. However, I tried to shed the harness at the beginning of this season. I even Bought a 12 FPE rifel. However, after laying off practice for a while, my back would hurt halfway through a match. Well it was back to the harness and open class. I did not complain about why can’t I use the harness and 12 FPE in WFTF. It is not allowed in the AFTF rules and I just went back to my old class. Old man crap and it is my problem not AFFTA’s..

I was under the impression, the purpose of the class and the rule and restrictions, where so that a competitor was shooting against another on an equal footing. No advantages that the other is getting over the other.

If a person could not, for medical reasons, or just decided not to sit on a bum bag, could shoot in another class with others using the same rules.

Open and WFTF have set rules and we shoot by them. I myself hated hunter, as I am less steady with the bucket and bi pod. My choice was to go open with those rules and restrictions. Bending into a pretzel is easier for me. No complaints.

I am all for the hunter class to use high power scopes and other restricted aids, and have stated it before here on this forum. It’s is a benefit to them, not me, as I don’t shoot in that class.

Diluting an already established AAFTA class with the second highest participation at GPs, does not make sense to me. The simpler solution to me is to take the non-recognized unlimited class, and merge it with hunter, allowing all the benefits of unlimited.

Changing the rules for the class that desperately wants it and a class that wants to be recognized by the BOG, appears IMHO to be a simple solution. better than disrupting an established AFFTA class and opening a whole new can of worms.

I can’t speak for the piston folks as I have no skin in that game…Yet! I am working toward it too, but willing to adhere to their rules and any new class changes if I do.

I hope to here from other open and WFTF shooters….. Remember, at the club level it is anything the local match director and club members decide to do with classes etc. But at AAFTA sanctioned Grand Prix's, this class discussion it important!

My comments here are not directed you Jim, or anyone else. It is Just my opinion that you solicited in the post.

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