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First Year Shooter with an Opinion

August 7 2017 at 10:30 PM
Raymond Hawkins  (Select Login rhawk1)

What could be worse.

I'm fine with the numbers trending toward the hunter class. However there's a reason for that which no one seems to want to talk about. As a group we're trending in the wrong direction.

In the beginning the hunter class was created to accommodate the beginning shooter giving him/her a place to compete with basic retail equipment the typical novice would usually have starting out. A shallow place to start and test the waters as they say. From there they were or should have been encouraged to learn and grow in the sport. The real problem came when the beginners grew up but not out. Now you have some very talented, well equipped hunter class shooters dominating a class that was actually created for the beginners or those in decline. This is why the Hunter class is showing unrealistic growth while the open classes are going in the other direction. Now I read where there are some wanting to further contribute to the destruction of FT by considering a change to the rules that would allow this group to become even more comfortable by allowing them more and bigger toys to tinker with.

By the way, Stop trying to sugar coat things for the beginner and tell it like it is. Its a tuff sport but can be great fun and rewarding if a shooter has the right mindset and willing to work at it.

The open classes should be every shooters goal where everyone stretches a bit to improve. When you show up for a match, you bring your best and expect the best from everyone else. While I'm stepping on toes let me conclude by saying the Nationals should be contested by only open class shooters. This may send a message and begin to reverse the current trend.

Raymond Hawkins

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