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I'll Buy Into That Too

August 7 2017 at 10:39 PM
JackC  (Login JKC_NoCal)

Response to After reading the response, Ive come to this conclusion

Noobie here, with just two full seasons under my belt. Hopelessly addicted now... JimC and ScottS are my mentors. I shoot Hunter PCP with their club.

What I really like is watching those targets fall down, especially if they are over 40 yards out. When that occasionally happens, a huge sense of accomplishment engulfs my body. At 72 years young, good feelings are getting harder and harder to come by.

What I don't like is the frustrating chore of trying to range those long shots at 12X. Scott Hull's bracketing technique looks very interesting, but probably requires more attention to detail than many people want to pursue.

I'm sure that this has already been proposed but here goes: Don't add any new classes, keep "Hunter" in the name, keep the 12X maximum mag requirement, but allow Hunter Class participants to use a laser rangefinder. Don't many hunters now pack and use one of those nifty devices when they're out in the field? Of course, one doesn't always have time to employ it in every hunting situation, but it's in your field bag to use if the situation allows enough time. Plus, many decent laser rangefinders are a lot less expensive than the long optics required to range a little more accurately at those higher magnifications.

So, that would be the only change: allow laser range finders in Hunter Class. (Okay, if there are too many protests, limit the maximum scope magnification to 10X or even 6X. SWFA would like that because there would probably be a run on their SS fixed mag scopes.)

I think more targets would fall at those distances between 40 and 55 yards. Shooters could then really concentrate more of their efforts on increasing their wind reading skills. For sure the fun aspect of the sport would be increased, which might result in helping Dan's desire to grow the sport.

My $0.02.

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