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Old Geezer with an opinion (always)

August 7 2017 at 11:52 PM
Ron Robinson   (Login compressive)

Response to First Year Shooter with an Opinion

First, welcome Raymond! You are obviously a bright and well-spoken enough guy to contribute valuable opinions from a relatively newbie point of view. Thank you for that.

I chime in here because my attraction to Hunter Class is and always has been what I see as more "practical" equipment; that being not necessarily SUCH competition-specific equipment as to have little utility outside the field(s) of competition. And as the Hunter Class goal-posts have moved and continue to move ever closer to competition-specific equipment, I've always used what I consider practical, field-worthy equipment; to such an extent as to be considered somewhere between throw-back and Neanderthal.

My opinion is that a great shot who knows his game and equipment intimately can win the day as often as his most well-equipped competitor. Were it up to me, Hunter Class equipment would actually regress.

My point is that though some see Hunter primarily as a gateway class, I may not be the only Hunter to consider it a welcome and comfortable refuge from what I consider superfluous shooting gadgetry used in other classes. I LOVE shooting, but am not interested in piloting a mothership.

Thanks again for your contribution, Bud.

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