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August 8 2017 at 10:44 AM
Raymond Hawkins  (Select Login rhawk1)

Response to First Year Shooter with an Opinion

This post was intended to be part of the bigger discussion from below. Didn't mean to high jack a great conversation. So for that I oppoligise.

I'm only new to air rifles and Field Target. I've been shooting competitively most all my life but just getting started in this sport. In fact this is probably a good time to say I've yet to shoot a match in the open class. I've signed up and plan on getting that done this weekend. I've shot in the hunter division twice and the unlimited once. I'm also an old, out of shape geezer that could stand to loose a few pounds.

Choosing hunter class for my first match was more of an expectation than a knowledgeable choice. It's where new shooters go and are encouraged to start.

Believe me I have nothing against the hunter class or those that choose to shoot it. I certainty have nothing against wonderfully crafted high end accurate rifles. I have a gun room full of them. All my powder burning pistols and long range rifles are all custom built. The truth is the only way to achieve a master or high master classification in any type of precision shooting sport is to buy custom from the best smiths. Then comes the hard work and determination it takes to get to what ever level you're interested in.

Personally I believe there should be a class where any shooter has options with his or her comfort but also believe in limiting the equipment to a certain level of factory based equipment. Once that threshold is crossed the shooter is automatically advanced to the next upward classification. This would go along way in leveling the current playing field for the new shooter with limited equipment and all who choose to stay in and enjoy the hunter division.

I'm not at all against the class but I am against the guy that chooses this class and is spending the most on equipment and winning month after month after month. If this is you then shame on you. I'd say you need a greater challenge and should want to move up. However creating a new class is not the answer. Fix the broken and adjust what's not.

Raymond Hawkins

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