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If I go back about 6 or 7 years

August 8 2017 at 11:25 AM
Larry Pirrone  (Login LPIRRONE)

Response to Why is it...

even back to when I started with CASA virtually everyone shot open in both pcp and springer. No one was shooting hunter. Most everyone here knows LD. He was shooting open when I came aboard. IN fact he was my first shooting partner. He worked pretty hard at it and made some interesting pieces of (legal) support equipment so he was pretty dedicated to open class. One day he showed up with "simple simon" (pre curser to USFT) and shot hunter and pretty much stayed there till now. Certainly no beginner. He did well and I have to say mastered the class winning many matches including state. Around that time there was a lot of discussion on this forum about how to attract and KEEP new shooters. The mindset then was to use hunter class. More guys started but it was not dominant for a long time. It's dominance became a self fulfilling prophecy in that we as mentors to new shooters steered them in that direction because it was easy for them to shoot. Easier than open. Then lots of old timers went that way. New shooters come to see a match and what do they see? Old guys sitting on buckets. So the new guys asks, "what do i need". the answer is "get yourself a bucked and a bipod and a 12 power scope". WE have created this monster.

So, they show up with their springers and shoot aand they can't help but compare themselves to the hunter class guys shooting PCP. They THINK their lower score will disappear if they just shoot a pcp. Or, they get frustrated because springers are the Jaguar of guns and they are intimidated by all the mechanical issues and think pcp is going to make that go away. And it does to a degree.

If we went back 5-7 years and instead of steering them to hunter we insisted that they go to open we would have lost many of them. We would be having 5 guys showing up to a match instead of 10-15 (when the weather is nice).

To make a long story short, yes hunter IS the entry level class but that is because WE steered it that way along time ago. Very few new shooters start in open or wftf but lots start in hunter.

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