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Ray and Bob are at the place where I posted a year ago with

August 8 2017 at 12:05 PM

Paul Porch  (Login paulporch)

Response to First Year Shooter with an Opinion

Saying we need a true novice class at the clubs. Not one where other shooters are using rifles costing in the thousands and super accurate. In my opinion, we need a true beginners class, that limits the cost of the rifles and scopes. This would be reasonable for the “Newbie” looking to put a toe in the field target game waters.

There, they see the other classes and the expense, time, and effort involved to gain a good foothold shooting in those AAFTA classes.
That is the next thing. I am not saying to add a new AAFTA class here. This is only a class that is used at the individual club level. It would be posted on the leader board just like the approved classes and a certificate given for whatever you think good for the number of competitors. 1st 2nd 3rd, etc

This adds nothing to the cost of a match except a piece of paper! In fact, I would suggest that the very first time that a person shoots, that there is no charge. The second time you can elect to charge full like the other classes, or keep it at half price or whatever. That is more productive to keep beginners coming in my opinion, than having them shoot hunter at full price against the odds.

Am I being naive here?

Face it, like Bob said in this post, most new shooters come with a Gamo, Ruger, or other piston rifle to try. And as Will Piatt said of our own club in another post where I brought this up:

There really is not enough participation for a novice class. It is pretty rare to have enough new shooters at a match to make up a class. Of those testing the waters of FT cross overs from other shooting disciplines seems to be the folks most likely to "get the bug" and stick with it. Maybe the solution might be in the way the course is set? The top tier competitive shooters seldom miss the close shots so why not go bigger on the KZ for many of the close to medium range targets and not worry about what equipment a new guy brings to get started. This also gives the junior youngsters a satisfying experience of making targets fall. More hits will be their reward and if they are a genuine candidate for FT they will quickly buy or borrow better equipment and move up the ranks. Make the long shots high Troyer and let that sort out the rankings.

Will makes good point here. But that may be true for our club but others around the country may see more people trying. The cost restrictions for the guns can encompass the $600 Marauders and the like too. But just break the novice class into PCP and pistons. Only an additional piece of paper for the certificate!

See where I am going here? The hunter class is no longer a novice or entry level class. Let’s stop calling it that! It is insulting to the fine shooters and equipment they use.

Place the beginner banner where it belongs…At the club level where the members can help these new folks to get to level that they want to go or not. I will say that when I was a new guy, I wanted to do well and place to get that silly piece of paper. It showed that I accomplished my goal. The goal was to become more proficient in the game. A small thing, but still important to me at the time.

Remember, the new shooter can always choose to go into Hunter, Open, Piston, or whatever other class they want to try. So, I personally see no harm in taking that “beginner” moniker out of hunter and make it a separate club level class. The details of what makes it a novice class can be debated among the clubs.

Using the thought of hunter class being the place for beginners, is outdated to say the least. If we remove that term from hunter, then maybe the hunters can finally lobby for what they want in equipment, with less drag from being considered the place for newbies to start from.?

As usual I preface this post as being only my opinion, and as the statement goes. Opinions are like……Well you know the rest..!

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