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Mission Statement..??? Scott I see your use of the quote of

August 9 2017 at 7:34 AM

Paul Porch  (Login paulporch)

Response to You said it.

the mission statement, "innovation as a means to advance the state of the art in the sport of Field Target."

How is moving a class with its established equipment and methods into another class, (open) as has been suggested, fitting the mission statement?

Would not state of the art be more aligned with adding things like, laser ranging scopes, weather and wind calculating gauges (like the Rowan Engineering Digital side wheel, etc), be truly "State of the art" and "innovative"?

Sliding the hunters equipment and techniques into open, is not adding state of the art innovation to me. Just appeasing the desire of many to use the already established equipment like high power scopes and clicking in open class.

So to me,( and with all due respect to you Scott and Lonnie), it is pretentious to say that it would be filling the mission statement by doing so...

There have been many good solutions put forth here on this post, that would solve and improve the mission statement of adding and keeping people and further growing the sport. the hunters would be given the equipment they desire, no other class would be disrupted, and the newbies would have a place to start and grow. (Unlimited or Hunter Unlimited if preferred) for one.

As far as keeping the interest of shooters, how can that be, if as one suggested for my class, the bi pods and buckets should be added and remove the coats and harness... I spent $500 for my coast and $69 for the harness. Should I just throw them out or sell them? Move to WFTF where I still can't use the harness that keeps my back from hurting? It this not like socialism or dare I say communistic..? It is dictated that I have to change or else get out of the class.

Is that the mission statement? To force established classes and their rules, (which none of us are bitching about I don't think) to be compliant because another group is unhappy with the status Que?

I don't see keeping folks using this kind of logic.. Just Saying

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