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I Understand

August 9 2017 at 10:09 AM
Raymond Hawkins  (Select Login rhawk1)

Response to Ray ray. I only been doing FT for 5 years and I still

Jeff C,

A rookie I am, quite I'm not. I totally understand where you're coming from with your opinion of me being cocky. I sometimes come across as being too direct and have been told this most of my life. Cocky is concerning to me. It's not who I am nor the way I want to be thought of.

I'd hate to think I'd have to wait until I've won something before sharing opinions or adding value where I can and to a sport I love. No mater how little I know at this point there are others out there who could benefit from my experiences. I'm pushing 60 and much like 1/2 the competitors you mentioned. Winning a match may never happen for me but that's not what winning really is. I have 2 grown children who love their dad and who hug me every time we meet. One of them is a 6'4" SF officer who has already spent a total a 5 years of his young life in conflict.

I really enjoy shooting FT. Every lane presents a new challenge and your reward comes from the hit and the sound it makes. Just nothing else out there like it. Nothing that's been discussed here effects me in anyway. Discussion is good and good will come from all this. I trust our leadership to take note and represent.

Raymond Hawkins

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