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Most of the Minutemen League Clubs are already implementing an

August 9 2017 at 11:44 AM

Héctor Medina  (Login HectorMedina)

Response to Two minute drill, decision time, we need your input

"Unlimited Class".
Call it Freestyle, if you want, but the envelope is the same.
A LOT of Clubs in the West and MidWest are ALSO allowing some form of this.

I will let those that enjoy statistics to count the number of Clubs that ALREADY use this class. To me it's more a matter of Vision and Mission.
To me LEADERSHIP sometimes implies doing what is right for the future, even if it disrupts the past.

What AAFTA's BOG needs to recognize is this reality:


What I would PERSONALLY insist upon is the creation of " levels " in the AAFTA's Handbook's Guidelines.

Something like "Tyro", "Marksman", and "Master"
Certificates for everyone that places in his/her level.
Medals/Pins only for Marksman Level
Awards for Master Level

Shooters should be allowed to "opt out" of the Tyro Level (I know of a sweet 10 year old girl that refused to be scored "Junior" 2 / 1 / 0 and insisted on being scored as an adult, we should allow and encourage that, but not force it).
Tyros stop being Tyros when they have shot 12 (or some reasonable number) Matches, or they opt out voluntarily.
To enter Master Level you need to score above 75% of Match High in three consecutive Matches, or two 2-day events. Yes, Pablo Porch, I am looking at you.

Will this increase the cost of running a Match? Yes, by about the cost of three spray paint cans. Certificates are paper and medals, good ones, can be had for $3 apiece. I doubt this will bankrupt any Club.

Except for Masters, scores should be posted as % of High Score for the specific Level. Masters' scores would continue to be raw "kills" (dedicated to those that insist on divorcing FT from its hunting origins).

Clubs should also be encouraged in the Guidelines to have one additional target per Lane. Designated as "T/P/UK/BBB" it would serve to complete more pistol courses (shot simultaneously with Rifle Matches) AND would also allow the Tyros or those that want to shoot UKHFT style to shoot along. This additional target idea has been implemented successfully at AOM and at FTRPA, so at least in the East, we know it works.

I admire the dedication of MD's that setup special pistol/offhand/BBB courses, but it is far easier to add a target to each lane and, IMHO, Tyros need to feel they are shooting right along all other shooters.

Lastly, AAFTA should use some of the money it has accumulated over the years to get some cloud based computer system that receives the individual results and presents them as a Match report table for the MD's to base their reports on, while at the same time accumulating the National Statistics to make this work with less effort for the MD's and to allow for more informed decisions in the future for the benefit of the sport.

Keep well and shoot straight!


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