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As I read responces here & other like threads ...

August 9 2017 at 12:15 PM

Scott S  (Login Namba963)

Response to First Year Shooter with an Opinion

Am left with the feeling MANY clubs threw out the country have a very entrenched membership and a way of doing things AAFTA rigid.
Perhaps I read into this, perhaps not ? ... When clubs have top ranking shooters in there membership, died in the wool by the book mentality among there membership, Only people it serves is those who don't want change, new members joining there ranks etc take a back seat to keeping the seniority / success of the top folks somewhat unchallenged.

Please don't read into this as a dig or slander ... It is simply stating as with most organizations that follow guidelines, those that also think progressively become the more successful in a changing world. More than IMO any other time in modern history most folks Despise & Frown upon Excessive Rules that govern there involvement in social games/activities of pleasure.

Does the game of Air Gun Field Target need rules ... absolutely.
Has the game of FT been progressive enough to create growth NATIONALLY ... That is under much debate and due to previous mention of some clubs unwillingness to change the way things are done, falls short of the Nations FT clubs as a whole thinking progressively enough.

Now that said ... KUDOs to the many clubs that in the month to month matches do what the heck they want to do allowing the membership to have fun knocking down targets while being safe ... encourage new shooter participation & sportsmanship only using the AAFTA rule book as a general platform of structure in such matters.

Sadly for WEST COAST and generally a more liberal crowd the AAFTA is run by those in the EAST who by nature are more conservative being ones for Rules and Structure more unwilling to be progressive and see the bigger picture of a NATION of shooters and not so much the *We Do It Like This & Always Have* so everyone needs to do as we do & think as we think.

Thus why in the background there is always those whispering that some other organization other than the AAFTA needs to be constructed so those with progressive attitudes towards actually growing AIR GUNNING as a sport / hobby with focus on competition within these ideas can get applied without all the coast to coast disagreements in how folks view whats in there topographical best interest.

Just Sharing Thoughts ...
Scott S

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