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LOL....guilty as charged for the max 12x setting but a higher mag scope could be........

August 9 2017 at 11:49 PM

nced  (Login SpringerEd)

Response to Your 2004 link is very interesting, Ed...

used if turned down to 12x. My favorite scope for hft was a 4-16x40 Bushnell Elite 4200 turned down to 12x. Waaaaayyy back when, before the official rules, the hunter class where I shot was considered a "sporter only class" where a shooter with a basic piston gun could compete without "mortgaging tha house". If the scope was my "higher dollar for me" Bushy Elite 4200 or a less expensive variety the thought was that the max 12x setting was a kind of "playing field leveler" when it came to scope rangefinding.

"In the beginning" the hft rigs at the clubs I attended were basic sporters and all were piston guns, however that all changed when shooters started competing against shooters with sporter rigs using high zoot PCP target rigs that were rebadged as "hunter class" complete with large target style side wheel scopes turned down to 12x! LOL....the 2010 field target national match where I shot my sporter rig was combined PCP and piston and of the 17 hft entries only 5 were shooting piston guns. LOL....I still took 4th place at that national match using my HW77k with my 4-16x40 Bushnell Elite 4200 AO...........
[img][linked image][/img]
[img][linked image][/img]

Anywhoo......"Pandoras' box" was opened back then so now most hft shooters are PCP equipped and the last national match I shot in Heflin, AL I was the sole piston shooter so I scored both first and last place that year. wink.gif

LOL.....HFT is no longer a class where a new shooter could bring his Gamo sporter and hope to get a satisfying score! Over the years I've seen the "Troyer numbers" at matches going up to keep pace with PCP performance improvements and there seems to be little concern for the piston shooter! IMHO, some courses are set up simply to challenge the high level PCP shooters and preventing them from "clearing the course". There is one particular match I attend that's especially depressing for me to shoot due to the difficulty of the majority of targets! that course most of my shots are "lottery shots" with my HW95 and I still soldier on. I'm pretty sure that most new shooters would be discouraged after shooting a match set up for the sole purpose of challenging the "top dogs"! Seems to me that a course could be set up where both the novice and "top dog" could knock down a satisfying number of targets yet not clear the course, but perhaps there is little interest in keeping novices in the game!

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