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Some very well thought out ideas Scott ...............

August 10 2017 at 7:36 AM
Bill Day  (Login dayjd2)

Response to As I read responces here & other like threads ...

Actually the body that governs our org (Board of Governors) is made up from dedicated members of AFFTA clubs from all over the country. We have Bog members from California, Wisconsin, Ohio, Alabama, and North Carolina. They all come to order by the Chairman who resides in Texas. He is the one that actually decides what is allowed or disallowed in our org through a concensus from all the other Bog members. He often represents AFFTA on this forum by answering questions or rules that come up. If I have left out any state that has a Bog member I apologize. I have always personally felt there is a few longtime AFFTA members and former Governors / Chairman that have been with this org pretty much since its conception that try to keep the Chairman on the right path as the forefathers invisioned. These BOG positions open up every few years and are voted in by all member clubs at the annual meeting or by proxy vote. The problem I have with the board of Governors is that there is no visibility as to their positions on different aspects of our game. All discussions or voting is done behind closed doors or over the phone / e-mail and any proposal clubs or members make is processed this way. This pretty much sums up my thoughts on how our org is run and whether I'm right or wrong I want to point out that all members of the Board of Governors volunteer there time in efforts freely to our organization.

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