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Ray, I believe you are getting ready to get another reply that

August 10 2017 at 8:21 AM

Paul Porch  (Login paulporch)

Response to Personal Differences

Will be saying you are cocky again. LOL You actually hit on something that I believe the FT sport is dealing with rt now.

I understand your view on wanting to do your best and reach the lofty heights of the National winner level. You should! There are many reasons we like to shoot in this sport, fun, gaining better skills, bragging rights, to be the best, and just because we Americans just to shoot schitt!...LOL
So, your opinion is a valid one. I also see the point of the so called “mission statement” where we need to strive to promote interest in the sport, encourage new folks to join, increase the ranks, and keep those who are committed.

So, we need to make the game fun and easy enough for the new person to encourage them to stay. We won’t do that if outsiders look at this as a sport for accomplished shooters.

Now the issue that is being discussed…. The opinions so far are leaning toward an unlimited class to fill this mission statement. A place for the first timer and experienced shooter alike. One with easy targets for the beginners and challenging targets for the “big Guys” on the same lane. No harm , no foul IMHO

Back to your post…. I think that in each class there is the place set aside that the best shooters strive for. To be the top dog in each!

I shot with Ed and Ron the past club match and was impressed! 12 power scope use at the Twin City matches, is a lesson in futility for me. These guys had to just guess at those very dark targets at the 50 to 55 yard ranges without illuminated scopes, 14 FPE or less rifles, Sporter stocks, etc. And still they were hitting the targets down,,, I can tell you if I switched my Styer with ,as Ed calls them, high zoot magnification Sightron, I doubt I would have scored out of the teens….! I have to say I admire them for their skill. Hats off to the springer class...

That said, they deserve the moniker of “elite” shooters when they are at the top of the leader board!

The hunter guys choose their class and shoot the 12 power scopes and have the same as the piston folks, except usually the rifles are closer to the 20 FPE limit. Again I have experienced the nationals where these folks out shoot the supposed elite open and WFTF competitors. So they deserve that elite shooter title when they are at the top of their class.

So to sum up… We are a sport that I hope the new guy and the top tier shooters, can compete, at whatever level and style that wish. There are no losers in the mindset of the game. Just those who had a bad day…… (at least I like to think that what happens to me). LOL

The word sport should indicate we are trying to compete to reach a top goal. The journey there is the experience for me. We meet people along the way that become long distance friends. We get the life lesson that we are not always the best but we are confident that we can compete. And maybe get to that top spot. The beauty of this sport is that you don’t need to be 250 lbs of total muscle and can run fast, jump high, or the like. No age restrictions other than an age to be safe.

So, I hope that you don’t get the cocky response again, as I don’t think that is your intent.

I think that when people say that the open and WFTF are the top levels of the sport, is bogus! We all choose the position and class they can shoot the best in.

Some who want to go to compete WFTF in the worlds, are in a league of their own. These people are working toward a truly elite goal. to be the best in the World! Can’t get more elite than that in this sport! But there are a few that are satisfied to just compete WFTF without the desire, (or wanting the expense) of the worlds competition.

I could not shoot well enough in hunter, piston, or WFTF well. I have tried them all and was most steady in open with the harness and off my knee. In fact, in hunter I cannot shoot well off a bucket! I shoot better off my bum bag and the bi pod. Go figure? So I am a shooter in the elite class? I think not!

I agree we need a place for the beginner with the Wal Mart Gamo or other break barrel and Center Point scope. They need to drop targets or they will not come back to shoot. They also may not want to spend to upgrade their equipment either. If they stay in the unlimited or whatever class that is developed or not, so what? It will not diminish my game or your game…. Let them decide if they want to become part of the game at one of the other classes and strive to be "elite"

We all started somewhere too.

See you Saturday Ray….

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