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Leo, this isn't about what local clubs can do...

August 10 2017 at 8:43 PM
JimC  (Login 22Jim)

Response to Hosting additional classes is well within AAFTA rules...

I suspect those people who invest the time, money and effort to start a local Airgun Field Target club do whatever they can to attract and keep the most people to their matches as they can. I assume that most Field Target Clubs around the country are just like our club in Sacramento. The only requirement we have is a 20fpe power limit to keep from destroying the targets. If you show up with a 30fpe hunting rifle we probably have a well tuned 20fpe rifle that we will be happy to let you use and a mentor to help you along the way. If you show up you will be welcome and you will shoot.

What we are missing is a national overseer, who promotes this open arms approach. Airgun field target is a competition and as such needs rules. What we don't need are arbitrary rules that stifle the growth of the sport. If Airgun Field Target is to grow over time it has to become a sport that attracts national attention and participation. Who doesn't want to be a national champion? Many hunter class shooters have beat their heads to a bloody pulp trying to get the BOG to approve some rule changes that we believe would help grow the sport, only to be ignored because 20 years ago it was decided that Hunter class was to be the limited equipment class. WHO KNEW!!

Scott Hull began a West Coast movement to create a Freestyle Class because he he believed it would promote the sport. What most people don't realize is he doesn't even shoot the class he helped pioneer because AAFTA doesn't formally recognize the class. Scott is a many times national champion and loves to compete at that level, as do many who participate in this sport.

So where is this going? Based up on the terrific input and feedback I received in the "Let's Talk AAFTA Divions/Classes" thread, our club is going to formally petition the AAFTA BOG to create an Unlimited Division of Airgun Field Target starting in the 2017-2018 season. My original hope was we could create a rule change in Hunter Division to satisfy the majority of people seeking a change, but in reading and digesting the feedback we received I believe the best solution for the sport is the Unlimited Class. I hope to file this request with the BOG within the next couple of weeks. If you manage an AAFTA member club and think this is a good idea or a bad idea, please let a BOG member know how you feel.

Jim in Sacramento

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