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How about a little Openess, Inclusion, and .......

August 12 2017 at 5:27 PM
Bill Day  (Login dayjd2)

the vision to grow out game as apparently the BOG shared prior to bringing the Hunter class to a trial year in 2006. Most of the hunter class today came from new shooters. Then they created to WFTF class and most of that class came from the open class. Clubs around the country have undertaken what the Bog asked them to do about field testing a trial class that has no connection to AFFTA. Two years ago this was started at clubs around the country. In most cases without no guarantee of a real affilation the unlimited / free style class has done pretty well.

Last year many of the Minutemen clubs (I believe we had 11 clubs) had a meeting and discussed not joining AFFTA in 2017. This was after the 2016 Nationals meeting clamity. A Cooler mind prevailed and we were asked to stick it out another year. I believe similar dissatisfaction was evident on the west coast also. I have asked this question a number of times ... Why can't we have a trial class at 2017 Nationals? What would it hurt? No one has ever answered this question. All we hear is it's got to be discussed. A similar discussion was undertaken at last years annual meeting and a vote was taken. Then after the Chairmen heard about it, it went to the back burner. Just before the 2016 minuteman meeting I had started a poll on the AFFTA forum… See Poll request below

Calling all AFFTA Clubs!!! ........................
by Bill Day » Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:40 pm
Looking for member clubs that would like to see a 2017 trial class run con-currently with the AFFTA FT Schedule for 2017. This new class would incorporate all aids/rules of the present Open PCP class combined with the those of Hunter PCP class and WFTF PCP. Two and half months before the 2017 Nationals we take a formal poll to see who would like to continue the class. If we can come up with 2/3 of the paid member clubs in favor we will submit the vote to the BOG to make it a full time AFFTA class. This must be done at least 2 months prior to the 2017 National so the proxy votes can be sent out to all clubs. The name can be submitted as we tentatively propose the new class to AFFTA. In the meantime please consider a new name like may be 'Prohunter, Open freestyle, ect; or any idea that member clubs have. We need to find out if we have 2/3 of clubs that would be in favor of it first. So if you would not have a problem with it please respond as a member club only. For AFFTA rules state we need to poll the clubs and not the members. Just post to this topic the name of your AFFTA member club and Yes if you are for the trial class for 2017 or No if you do not want it. Please poll you club members for what they want. You should have at least 50% of you membership for it or against it. Thanks and please do cast your vote to give us all the full pluse of our AFFTA member clubs. Please get the word out to all member clubs about this proposal, We will end this poll November 30, 2016 and by then we should know if there is enough interest to make a proposal. Thank You!
I believe the vote ended with 20 clubs casting votes. 14 were for the new class and 6 were against it.

Of the clubs that voted we had 66% (The bylaw requirement) to go forward with a new trial class that was yet to be named. Again the Chairman denies it because not all the clubs voted and if they had it may of not ended with 66% of all clubs in favor. All clubs had the opportunity to vote and almost a month to talk to their clubs and do it. Why should the majority of the clubs be penalized because some clubs didn't care enough to vote???
I have a strong feeling that the clubs that didn't vote ... don't attend GP's and Nationals. They send in their $25.00 and hold one shoot a year to maintain membership ... but their votes count as much as those of us that travel thousands of miles each year to attend Grand Prix matches and Nationals.

The only thing I can guarantee anyone that takes the time to read this BS is that if something don’t change my club will not be signing on to AFFTA membership next year. Maybe that will make for a better place for everyone! I’m sure you’re all fed up with hearing me bitch about Openness, Inclusion, and what I see as problems with our governing body! Believe it or not I don’t enjoy it either!

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