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PYRAMID AIR CUP 2017 my typical take on it!

August 28 2017 at 6:07 PM

Paul Porch  (Login paulporch)

Well the adventure begins leaving my house at 2:15 on Thursday morning the 24th of Aug to Chris Cory’s house. Then it was a 9-hour ride to get to the event in Ohio…

After arriving in Ohio at the Best Western, I checked with friend Tom Holland to see if he was in yet. He told me his room and that the beer was in the fridge so come on.

Chris and I joined Tom in his room treating ourselves of some well needed libations. Tom was knee deep in his customary 200 pellet tins of all brands weeding out what he wanted to use… If you know Tom, you know what I am talking about…LOL

Around four beers in, we were joined by my Brother from another mother Manolo Gonzales and Pedro Abreu from Puerto Rico. We had some great conversations centered around pellets.. (of course, what the hell else would you discuss with Tom in the room)? Lol

We broke for dinner at the Texas Road House across from the hotel. The food was perfect and we all enjoyed more air gun talk. After dinner, we headed back to our rooms. Well, at least I did, I understand Chris ended up running into David Slade and some other competitors in the lobby. I say this as he is usually up with me at 5:00 AM each morn but he slept in until 7:30 that morn. We ate at the I Hop across the street and headed to the gun club to check our guns.
[linked image] OVERFLOW SIGHT IN

We arrived and shot at the overflow sight in range. Our guns appeared on and all that was left to do was mingle and wait for the 2:00PM start of the Pay Day Challenge. We both di pretty good lasy year and I was prepared for this one. WRONG!

The Pay Day Challenge was a different set up this year. It was to be shot with a CZ 10 meter rifle at 10 or 15 yards at 3 Rat On The Run targets. Each rat had a diff KZ size. 1 ½” for 1 point, 1” for 2 points, and 1/2” for 3 points.

You take 2 shots at each target for a possible total of 12 points.[linked image]
[linked image] BILL CODER
[linked image] MANOLO GONZALEZ
[linked image] DAVID SLADE
[linked image] WHAT? I WON?

Now the funky part for me. The guns were equipped with a diopter rear sight and a hooded front sight! What???
I only tried that style sight at the Crosman last year in the Quigley shoot. I could not see schnitt then and it was hard for me this time. I ended up with a perfect score! So, go figure

I missed all the 12 points perfectly!Lol I was talking to Rossi Morreale of American Airgunner, telling him of my plight with the sights. Would you believe he had the gall to ask if I would go on camera and embarrass myself describing how difficult it was with these sights??

Of course, I said sure! I am too old to care what anyone thinks of me….lol

That evening we went back to the Texas road House with a crowd of 20 folks. It was a ruckus of a dinner with good food and good friends. Lots of fun and hardly any air gun talk. Just good ‘Ol boy’s fun…

Saturday had myself, Will Piatt, and Chris side by side checking our guns in the overflow sight in range. I found my gun shooting around 10 clicks low. I thought “here we go again”! I asked Will if he was low and he said yes. He figured his out and I simply shot a new zero and moved my elevation tape to the new location. It held fine all day and on Sunday too…

After the safety meeting, I was matched in a 4 man squad with Will, Brian Van Liew and mike Norris who is a long-distance member of our Tar Heel Air Gun Club. I have attended many GPs with these guys and knew the day would be fun.
Mike, Brian Will and I just shot together at the Crosman All American a few weeks ago.
[linked image] WILL, BRIAN AND MIKE

For me, the day started great, cleaning the first 3 lanes. Will Piatt also cleaned them of course, so I was thinking I was hot stuff… Then it happened. I dropped 2 on the far target on lane 8… Opps there goes my chance to keep up with Will….

Then the odd thing happened, Will dropped 2 targets too? Was he trying to make me feel good?
I cleaned the next lane and then I started to drop one here and there…Drat! Death by a thousand cuts!

I ended up dropping 11 points and ended up with only a 41! I was pretty disappointed with myself. I hate being out of the 50’s…Then Mike Norris reminded me that we were only shooting a 52 shot match, and not the usual 60.. It Still did not make me feel that much better….
Will and Brian were neck and neck until Will topped Brian by one point by the end of the match.

We were at lanes s 11 12 13,When Rossi Morreale came to us and asked who wanted to talk on camera first. Mike and I pointed at Will, when all of a sudden, all three of my squad members shifted the fingers at me!

I asked what was he going to ask me. Rossi just said some questions. I noted that even celebrities get the questions in advance. Then as long as you don't ask the color of my underwear. Brian snapped they want to know boxers or briefs. I replied it depended if I was going open class or hunter as I don't want them bunching up when on the bum bag..LOL

I was elected to talk on camera about the purpose and use of the shooting jacket and harness. Then I believe they filmed me when I addressed a lane. I shot the front targets down and missed one on the far target. Will said not to worry as they filmed me shooting the front ones I knocked down. I will most likely end up on the cutting room floor anyway….Ha!

After going to lunch and talking to some of the normally top shooters in my class and the others, I found out I actually did better then some. Now several were shooting 12 FPE and piston, but it did boost my spirits a bit, knowing that I may have a chance to recover on Sunday………

The Pyramid Gunslynger started after lunch. It is a contest where you shoot the little silhouette animals off concrete blocks or bricks at set distances according to PCP or Piston class. It is a riot watching the tension of the shooters trying to load their guns fast. All start with a pellet tin being shaken and no pre-loading...
[linked image] THE CRITTERS
[linked image] LINED UP TO SHOOT

After the match Chris and I went back to the motel to shower and relax before the banquet. We were not entered in the Gunslynger, so we took off.

We attended the PA banquet at the local Elks Lodge with good food, desert, drinks food, and the like. All of us mingled and then the Raffle was announced. Rossi of American Airgunner did the drawing as he did last year with the lovely Cristen from PA handling the prizes and tickets.
[linked image]
[linked image]

Nope! I did not win anything again. Denny Todd won a neat little Bersa look alike BB pistol at our table.

We teased our good friend Mike Harris, about his shade umbrella completely blowing into scrap on the windy course. (don't worry he bought a spare).

Friend Rob Seidon made out like a bandit winning 7 targets in one ticket drawing….

Day two of the field target match had me in a squad with Skip Tenney, who I shot with at last years PA cup. Skip is a great guy and fun to shoot with. Old friend Mike Norris was assigned to us again, and Mike Harris rounded out the gang.
I started first AGAIN and was doing bad with dropping a shot on each lane it seemed to me. Stupid
mental foopas and some wind related issues. Even though the wind was less than the day before.

Mike Harris was on fire, cleaning lane after lane. Once he did miss, skip noted that he was human after all!

Mike Norris was dropping some here and there as was Skip. We all were having ok days with Mike Harris schooling us.
Then he did start to miss some here and there too. By the end of the day, after thinking I was doing worse than the day before, I ended up with a 43 and tied with Mike. Go Figure.

Chris and I knew we were not in the running for any place trophy’s, so we made the rounds while the gunslinger was setting up, saying goodbyes. We had a 9-hour drive back to Chris’s house and I had another 4 hours and 45 min to mine after leaving his house.

The trip was boring and when you don’t have any good stories of your 1st place win, it is really boring. Hashing out what went wrong per target only takes you so far…LOL

There are several manufacturers that have representatives there. They have plenty of products to view and handle and good freebies like hats, pellets, shirts, etc. Pyramid Air offers 20% off their products while at the event too.
[linked image] LEAPERS TABLE
[linked image] JOE AT POLY MAG JSB TABLE

I will keep coming until I get a coveted Cup and hopefully nice air gun.

Here are some pics I took for Airgun Hobbyist.

[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]

[linked image] MY SECOND DAY CREW

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