Connecticut State Field Target Match 2017 October 22nd Sunday

September 6 2017 at 6:56 PM

Leo G in CT  (Login gonzav71)

2017 Connecticut State Field Target Championship Pre-Registration

Please Pre-Register to purchase awards.
Pre-Registration Form Download

Venue: 60 shot (30 targets, 10 lanes, 2 shots per target) rifle match
39-yard average, 6 kneeling shots, 12 standing shots, smallest KZ 1”
40 shot (20 targets, 10 lanes, 2 shots per target) pistol match (concurrent)
24.25-yard average
Date: October 22nd, Sunday
Location: 80 North Street, Lebanon, CT 06249 (GPS 41.614582, -72.255081)
Fee: $20 ($10 for CAG members and for additional second class)
Awards: 1st & 2nd place only (3rd place over 5 people in a class)
Late Lunch: The Inishmor Pub (20 Main St, Colchester, CT 06415) www.inishmorpub.com

9:00 AM Sign Up/Open Practice  
10:15 AM Shooter's Meeting/Match start  

Hunter & Unlimited Combined PCP
WFTF & OPEN Combined Piston
Hunter & Unlimited Combined Piston
Pistol Hunter & Limited Combined
Minimum of two people per class for awards or will be combined with another class

Entry fee: $20 Adults, $10 Juniors or CAG members 
Must sign a waiver/release of liability form. Eye protection required.  
Water and snacks will be provided.  
Highly recommend bringing your own folding chair, wearing boots. 
4500 psi 75 cu. ft. air tank will be available. 
Site venue information:  
Open (long and narrow) grassy field next to manmade pond and swamp land on the north side (abandoned excavator on site), dirt road & property parking available, roadside wood fencing, one portable toilet, no buildings, no electricity. Tree line on south defines property line. Corn field on south side is not part of the property. Any garbage generated needs to be removed from the property. 
Leo Gonzales  
e-mail: gonzav71@gmail.com  
cell: (203) 988-4261 – no cell phone reception while at the match site 
Alternate Contact: 
John Eroh - cell: (774) 521-8369 

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