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By all means, Boomer, test and test and test even more!

September 11 2017 at 11:16 AM

Hector Medina  (Login HectorMedina)

Response to Thanks Hector. That does make perfect sense the way you say it.

Having fun is the main idea here.

I've made a few Steyr barrels in the last 13 years. I've seen barrels that perform admirably in one Steyr perform terribly in another. I've tested (at a somewhat considerable cost) a lot of rifling designs and twists, and while some have definite applications for "special needs" the "common" land and groove 1 in 16" twist seems to be pretty tolerant of the many different pellet styles and purposes available.

For the last two years I have been working on a barrel specific for FT at sub-12 ft-lbs and I am barely now starting to get consistent and repeatable results across different platforms. Perhaps in a year or two I will have something that works in every situation.

Through all this work, more and more I see barrels as a whole sub-system that needs to work in harmony with the rest of the other sub-systems.

[linked image]

Barrels can be simple or sophisticated, but even the simplest barrel is quite complicated when you consider how "slender" and "whippy" our barrels are in relation to others in the shooting world, and in proportion of the energies we put through them and into them (not necessarily one and the same).

Top it up with the commonly found batch to batch variation in pellets, and you have a pretty complicated situation.

Unraveling it is what makes it fun, though sometimes frustrating.

Consider, if you haven't already, to include in your tests the following:

Try different pellet lengths for each barrel length
Try different pellet weights
Try different lubes
Try different barrel lengths with and without the intermediate bridge pressure bedding point in the Steyr
Try different orientations of the barrel (indexing)
Try different locations for weights (harmonics tuning)

IMHO, this is the right order for the tests, as you start discarding possibilities that hold little potential from the start and start narrowing down your research universe.

Yes, it can be a long, fruitful and enjoyable winter (each black dot is a little under ½" in OD).

[linked image]

Keep well and shoot straight!


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